MA Show 2011

Manchester Metropolitan University

Faculty of Art and Design

An exhibition of work by art, design, media and architecture students from Manchester Metropolitan University

Emily Jackson

Emily Jackson is a Glass and Community Artist, who has a passion for delivering high quality, exciting craft skills workshops to people from every walk of life.

Emily specializes in kiln fused glass work, taking inspiration from her surrounding environments to create patterns and textures within the glass. Working on a variety of scales she uses wire and foil to draw these delicate shapes, which she encapsulates within glass.

In January Emily will be embarking on a new challenge as an Artist in Residence in the Lake District. Emily will be working within an Outdoor Activity Centre for the Disabled. Here she will be delivering glass and ceramic workshops, striving to make craft accessible to everyone, able-bodied and disabled alike. Emily will also continue her practice as a glass artist, creating work to sell both in the Centre and in local galleries.