MA Show 2011

Manchester Metropolitan University

Faculty of Art and Design

An exhibition of work by art, design, media and architecture students from Manchester Metropolitan University

Katy Suggitt

My interest in creating installations that explore the relationship between sound, image and environment began whilst studying Fine Art Sculpture for my first degree. I enjoy the translation of ideas across different media. Through my work in community arts and as a lecturer in further and higher education, photography and the image have become the main focus of my research more recently.

One of the strengths of the Media Arts Masters programme is in allowing film-makers, photographers and media-artists to work alongside each other and to benefit from the experience of lecturers and visiting artists with a diverse range of practices.

In the work in this show, you are invited to enter the three environments, each providing its own auditory and spatial experience. Ambient recordings made in the privacy of the domestic environment have been composed and manipulated to create differences in atmosphere. As the participant enters the framework, they become the subject within the compositional space.

I would like to thank University Centre Blackburn College for their support throughout the past two years of my studies and the lecturers and technicians at Manchester Metropolitan University for providing such a brilliant educational experience.