David Chandler

MA Architecture and Urbanism

Little Underbank, Stockport

Architecture and Urbanism: painting as urban research

The intention was to conduct a close study of the urban shape of the view south east to west from the Stockport Market Place MMU studios. Close observation allowed me to interrogate the evolution of the town in ways that would never have been possible even in large format photography. It is as if I was assembling a large model, 1270mm x 3055mm, of this post-industrial valley.  The work took over 8 months, using masking tape and five acrylic colours. The season on show is early spring so that a view through the trees is possible. I have omitted much more street furniture and signage than currently appears. The airbus in the puddle is on a daily flight path to Manchester Airport across the viaduct. The 3 figures for scale are portraits.

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