Kristin Marshall

MA Animation

META: meaning self-referential [meta data – data about data]

MORPH: from the Greek meaning a transformation, a change from one state into another

OSIS: a condition, process, action [in medicine: of decay]

These ephemeral works offer fragments concerned with memory, stillness, absence and loss inspired by encounters within the archive. In response to a discovery, an epiphany even, existing in the folds of a book of Lepidochromy (printed butterfly wings) the search for Mrs Risley exists somewhere between the frames, the interstices where light as metaphor for life acts contradictorily in damaging the very materials we seek to preserve. Longevity is not an option. It will end. Though it is uncertain as to when. Fragile materials exist to commemorate a life whilst touching upon the frailty and brevity of life itself. Here, as we are, for just a fleeting moment, pinpoints of light and then… we are gone.

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