Maryam Moussa

MA Interior Design

My MA aims to find a way to unite my personal interests in architecture, urbanism and interior design, seeking to promote my family business of mobile space modification and air-system installation. I am looking forward to specialising in this unique category in the industry.  

The “comfort Pause” project is a manifesto of mobility, place-making and comfort. I aim to accommodate pausing in public spaces for a demand of relaxation by designing a kit that involves a series of interactive partitions displaying different shaped cushions. 

Detailing on 1:1 Model in order to get closer to the reality and putting myself in the user’s place, working on flexibility to enable the structure to move and adjusting the cushions height and shapes according to the preferred comfortable pause positions.

The flexibility and interaction are also in the actual cushions. The cushions are filled with fluid material that potentially can be adaptive to the environment due to the possibility of releasing warmth or coolness and using many other ways to comfort the user. This cushion system could also be expanded to include urban and domestic versions.

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