Rania Sultan

MA Design and Art Direction

As a Muslim, born in the Middle East and now living in the West I feel that Muslims now a days are looked upon with eyes of suspicion and accusation due to misperception and stereotyping spread by the Western media. Couple this with the fact that there are some Muslims, The broken mirror of Islam, misinterpreting Islamic concepts, due to their lack of knowledge and understanding of true Islam. All of which ultimately leads to people bearing a distorted image of the true spirit of Islam. This is what motivated me to address Islamic issues that have been misrepresented.

Hijab/Veil and Jihad are such a powerful iconic images of Islam that seemed to conjure strong emotions. So I wanted to focus on their many aspects drawing on my personal experiences, knowledge and additional research, taking into account the different cultural contexts, linguistically or visually and convey their spiritual representation.

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