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Manchester School of Art’s Outreach team to celebrate launch of A Whisper to a Shout

9 November 2016

New book documents a project that engaged over 9,000 people

On 17 November, Manchester School of Art’s Outreach team will celebrate the launch of their book A Whisper to a Shout, with an event featuring keynote speakers, an interactive workshop and copies of the book to take away alongside new work by project artist-in-residence Ant Hamlyn.

The book itself is the culmination of a year long project within arts and science curriculums, about the ‘Peppered Moth’ - a species that was dramatically effected by rapid industrialisation over history.

Throughout the project, a total of 9,681 people from a range of different backgrounds engaged with a variety of events and activities organised by the Outreach Team and their partners.

Who were the 9,681 people?

  • Six schools and two community groups, who developed in-depth projects inspired by a Peppered Moth Resource Pack created by the Outreach Team
  • More than 460 school pupils, who made work responding to the Peppered Moth story
  • 9,000 participants who took part in community workshops
  • 15 Manchester School of Art student mentors who facilitated the project
  • Over 17 teachers who provided essential support and lead activities
  • One artist in residence (Ant Hamlyn) who created work in response to the Peppered Moth story
  • Five academics from across different faculties at Manchester Metropolitan University

Featuring images and case studies of events and activities throughout the project, the book aims to act as a resource for future engagement with the Peppered Moth story for educators, teachers and creative delivery specialists.

The book also aims to illustrate how the themes of the project, such as the use of creative methodologies to encourage engagement with the government’s STEAM agenda (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) have the potential to develop creative, innovative problem-solvers of the future.

The book launch event

This innovative book will be launched on Thursday 17 November 2016 in the Benzie Building Foyer at Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University between 5.30pm and 7.30pm.

At this launch event, there will be opportunities to speak to project team, hear a poetry reading about the Peppered Moth from Science Communications Lecturer Dr. Sam Illingworth, and get a copy of the book to take away. There will also be the chance to see Peppered Moth-inspired work by artist in residence Ant Hamlyn, alongside the opportunity to take part in a mono-printing workshop and speak to the scientists, artists and educators who made the project possible.

To book your space at A Whisper to a Shout launch event, please contact Elle Simms at