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Wayne working in our print workshops

Wayne working in our Print Workshops

What do Graphic Designers and plumbers have in common? Wayne Fearnley shares his design perspectives.

19 June 2018

Degree Show Spotlight Series

As the designer of our BA Graphic Design course’s identity in our Degree Show, you’ll find Wayne Fearnley's work on the hoardings outside our Benzie Building, and surrounding his course mates’ work. He shares the approach to design behind his work.

Wayne is part of our Degree Show Spotlight Series that showcases the work of some of the talented exhibiting students. Want to find out about our design students? Read the profile of BA (Hons) Graphic Design student Nick Stone

Lately, my practice has taken on many forms, from identity, experimental typography, publication design and exhibition curation. I try to keep my practice as broad as possible to take any problems I’m faced with.

I believe it’s important for a great graphic designer to be fluid in their work. To not be pinned down by style or defined by one particular area, I try to eliminate as many limitations as possible. In a climate where so many different channels of communication are emerging, much more is expected of designers, so by being flexible you can always remain relevant.

My own practice relies on the problem I’m faced with or the message my client is trying to communicate, and how to most appropriately communicate that message, it’s our job to control and manage perception. Graphic design is a utilitarian profession and quite often I feel that most designers forget this. We should use our knowledge, creativity and expertise to help our clients tell their story, not push our own agenda or design to our own preference.

I once compared being a graphic designer to being a plumber. A plumber must be able to assess the problem quickly. A plumber is intimately familiar with the tools in his/her toolkit and which is the best tool for the job. As comical as this analogy may be, the above should be able to describe a great graphic designer.

I am passionate about design that works and has a sense of clarity, design that works for now or 20 years from now and design that helps the ‘little guy’ look as big as the ‘big guy’. For me, it’s about working on projects I enjoy, making my clients happy and if I can pay my rent, then that’s great.

You can see Wayne’s work in our Degree Show until 20 June or visit his Instagram profile and website to find out more about his work.