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1 May 2008

University beats brain drain 'South'

Visit our Employers Showcase event

MANCHESTER Metropolitan University is beating the 'brain drain' down South, after figures showed more than two-thirds of graduates stay on in Greater Manchester and the region.

MMU says its number one priority is to match higher education to the needs of the region, and believes even more of its 9,000 graduates a year will stay given the right conditions.

The University, which is marketing itself as a 'university for world-class professionals', is staging an 'Employability Showcase' for private and public sector organisations.

The event takes place on 20 May at its main All Saints Campus on Oxford Road.


MMU has a reputation for working with employers to design courses which fill gaps in the 'higher skills' market. It recently launched the UK's first course for digital marketing and its School of Law is pioneering a postgraduate programme for managers in the legal profession.

Vice-Chancellor John Brooks said: "We are inviting employers who don't already work with us on workforce development to come and tap into our considerable resources. We have a range of schemes that can save firms time and money in recruitment, retention and in acquiring business knowledge and research capacity."

Particularly popular has been the University's promotion of 'sandwich' placements which allow companies to take on a 'near graduate' for nine to 12 months for between 12-16k per year.

MMU Business School alone sends out 350 each year, with many being offered full-time employment by the same firms after they complete their course.

Success magazine

The University has also launched a professional magazine called Success, showcasing the employability of its graduates in professions such as financial services, management, marketing, ICT, education and health.

More than 1,000 large and small employers from all the major growth sectors in the North West will be invited to the evening event on May 20 which takes place between 5 and 7pm.

These include companies from the retail, hospitality and tourism, creative industries,
public sector and the NHS.


  • According to the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce's quarterly economic survey, the skills gap and transport are the two key issues for the region's continued economic growth. But a recent government review has predicted that employers will find it increasingly difficult to find people with the right skills.

  • 17% of the working population in the North West has no qualifications, compared to 14.5% in London and 10.1% in the South East (Source: Learning and Skills Council).

  • Employers wishing to attend the showcase event on 20 May at MMU, should contact Natalie Procter in the University's Marketing and Communications Office on 0161 247 3427, or by email