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27 May 2008

Cheshire launches MBA

Partnership with employers

MMU CHESHIRE is launching the county’s first MBA degree to support a boom in regional business.

The university’s part-time Masters of Business Administration (MBA) will run at the Crewe campus from October – in addition to the full and part-time MBAs taught at the university’s Business School in Manchester.

Diane Wright, acting head of the Department of Business and Management Studies at MMU Cheshire, said the programme offered businesses in the area a unique opportunity to develop staff.

"Crewe is the fastest growing area in the North West with 6,000 new jobs created in the last six years. Local employers can now develop their people by sending bright young managers on the course," Diane explained.

Huge organisations

"There are some huge organisations in Crewe and the surrounding area now – and we are looking to build on our existing synergy with the likes of Bentley, Air Products, The Co-Operative and Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council to upskill their managers."

The MMU Cheshire MBA is open to participants wishing to complete the course in 10 five-day ‘blocks’ over two years.

The university’s MBA is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) – a key quality indicator for MBAs – and the autumn launch of this course in Crewe means it is the only MBA in the immediate region to have this distinction. It will be taught by staff at MMU Business School and MMU Cheshire’s Department of Business and Management Studies.

Dr Patricia Rees, MBA Director at MMU Business School, welcomed the Cheshire MBA, saying: “There is a timely need for a MBA in Cheshire where top quality programmes like ours are few and far between.

Euro attraction

"As well as being of benefit to local businesses, I can see the flexible nature of the course being attractive to middle managers all over Europe. I wouldn’t be surprised to see participants flying in on one of the cheap flights from countries 2-3 hours away for the MBA modules at MMU Cheshire which take place every couple of months."

Modules cover a wide variety of business issues including managing human performance, managing customer value, financial analysis and strategy development. Participants will also benefit from a study trip to China and an Outward Bound weekend.

The MBA at MMU Cheshire will be directed by Kevin Gallimore.


For more information, contact Kevin Gallimore on 0161 247 5026