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Art created by Foundation student Chloe Watts using laser cutting technology

Art created by Foundation student Chloe Watts

Foundation Art & Design achieves 3rd consecutive ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating

15 January 2019

The course received ‘Outstanding’ rankings across all areas of inspection

Manchester School of Art’s Foundation Art & Design course has once again been described as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, now for the 3rd consecutive inspection.

The course was assessed across four key areas; leadership and management, personal development, learner outcomes, and quality of teaching, learning and assessment.

Ofsted investigators praised the course tutors for the manner in which they “diligently prepare students for higher education” in addition to their use of peer assessment to help students develop “innovative and creative ideas in the design and production of their artwork”.

Foundation student Chloe Watts comments: “I love this course… it has enabled me to explore and work out what it is I want to do. I’ve learnt so many skills and am very grateful for our tutors who have given me feedback and ways to improve.”

Poppy Loughtman, a Foundation student specialising in graphics and illustration, adds: “I have loved my Foundation year so far! The tutors are so lovely and set fun but challenging briefs… I can’t wait to stay on to do my degree here next year!

Having our own studio is something I value… it makes the space really inspiring and interesting to see everyone’s current work

Professor Tim Brennan, Head of the Department of Art, said: “I am extremely pleased with the feedback from Ofsted"

“Providing an outstanding course firstly requires a brilliant team of staff. This we have. Our team are experts across all fields of Art & Design and many are leading researchers. They are experts in teaching and know how to work closely with students to enable each to develop their potential to very high levels.”

“Crucially, the course staff and the broader Department staff are exceptionally accomplished assessors, administrators, organisers and managers and this has ensured we have a very strong structure that helps us to move forward with confidence.”

“The findings of the official feedback makes me very proud of working with the Foundation team and being part of Manchester School of Art and Manchester Metropolitan.”









A concertina book produced by Foundation student Poppy Loughtman