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Amanda Langdown

Senior Lecturer

Amanda Langdown

Amanda's interests on the whole have been to do with her pedagogic practice, however over the years she has become increasingly concerned about some of the more undesirable aspects of fashion; its over-reliance on image, the constant search for the new, the speed at which fashion changes and the resulting wastefulness of resources.

Her research is broadly concerned with understanding ways in which we can slow down the metabolism of the fashion system while retaining aspects that do contribute to personal well-being.

As someone who has been accumulating fashion for over 50 years she has become aware of her own high levels overconsumption and this has led her to consider how a fashion design practitioner /wearer with design expertise might practise wardrobe management; drawing on existing research and theories about sustainable fashion and steady state economics; an economic system that recognises social and environmental values when calculating levels of growth.

Amanda's pedagogic practice is informed by her research and she is starting to explore the notion of working with students as learning partners; Collaborating with small groups or individual students who share her interest in sustainability on live projects.

Drawing is a very important part of her design and teaching practice. Often students describe their search for "my own style of drawing" as being their priority. Amanda seeks to demonstrate that by using drawing as the method for exploring and responding to fashion, in a mindful but unselfconscious way, a style can develop as well as an understanding of garments, and what it is that makes them fashionable.

The drawings that Amanda makes in the life class are done very quickly, 15 minutes at the most. She feels that they reflect the energy and speed associated with fashion and because they are produced with an audience present they sometimes feel like, and retain the qualities of, a very frenetic performance.

Amanda very frequently takes up the least popular position in the life class and as a result has developed an interest in representing the back view, an aspect of fashion drawing that is often neglected.

The fashion drawings that Amanda makes are more illustrative and are about playing with different techniques and mark making, rather like trying on someone else's clothes. They are always about exploring the ingredients that make something contemporary.


Business Commentary: Slow Fashion as an alternative to mass production-a fashion practitioner’s journey.

This is a research project that was started as a reaction to personal levels of excessive consumption and a call for papers looking for new paradigms in business; Engaging for Sustainability. It is in the process of being peer reviewed for the journal Social Business Abstract Oscar Wilde is reported to have said that: ‘fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months. Details…

Collaborating with students as learning partners.

This project connects my teaching practice with my research. http://youtu. Details…

Drawing from life with Cosgrove Hall Fitzpatrick

This is a project to work with an animation studio in order to help develop the life drawing skills of recently graduated animators.. Details…

GDEE 2nd European award for best parctice for the integration of SHD (Sustainable Human Development) into technology and engineering education.

This was a collaborative project between Dr Michael Fernando form the School of engineering, Amanda Langdown and Valeria Ruiz Vargas form CELT.Investigating ways to incorporated sustainable wool processing using engineering solutions into the academic curriculum. Details…

Short course; An introduction to Slow Fashion. Allegeheny college,PA,USA

I was invited to deliver a short course that was an introduction to the priciples of Slow Fashion to environmental students at Allegheny College Meadville PA, USA. This involved working with students and the larger community including local wool producers. Details…

Slow Fashion Zine

This is a collaborative venture with a final year graphics student who has an interest in sustainable fashion. We are co producing a publication that celebrates the idea of Slow fashion. Details…

World Factory at CfCCA

A research project that is exploring thinking about mass production,capitalism and consumerism organised by Metis Arts.I was invited to be a guest speaker at this event at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art. Details…


Amanda Langdown is a member of:

A selection of recent research outputs.



Langdown, A., 2013. Seamless:The digital in design., The National Museum of Architecture and Design,Ljubljana, 20th September - 3rd November 2013.

Langdown, A. Livermore,E. Ann, E., 2012. Science into Practice, Great Yorkshire Show, 9th, 10th July 2012.

Book Chapters

Langdown, A. Vargas, V, 2014. 'Integrating sustainable development within teaching fashion education'. In Dr. Luciana Londero Brandli Pos-doc Researcher Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Germany, 49 176 29306965 Professor Passo Fundo University Mestrado em Engenharia Civil e Ambiental Brazil (eds.) Book 2: Integrative Approaches to Sustainable Development at University Level:, to be confirmed, to be confirmed, to be confirmed.

Journal Articles

Langdown, A., 2014. 'Business Commentary: Slow Fashion as an alternative to mass production-a fashion practitioner’s journey.', Journal of Social Business, 4, Issue 1, not available.


Langdown, A., 2015. 'From Individuation to autonomy:enabling Fashion Design students to see a bigger sustainability picture.', 4th European Fair of Education for Sustainable Development, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, 9-11 September 2015, in Teaching Education for Sustainable Development at University Level, tbc, tbc.