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Publications (designs)

Books and magazines with design content by Alex Russell

New Fashion Print
Patterns: New Surface Design
Textile Designers at the Cutting Edge
XFUNS - Patterns Design

Publications (text and designs)

Books with written and design content by Alex Russell

The Fundamentals of Printed Textile Design


Repeatless explores the use of generative design and coding to create print and surface pattern for fashion and interior textiles, with the aim of developing the possibilities of digital fabric printing.

Repeatless0003 ClothOfGold 01e
Repeatless0003 ClothOfGold 01d
Sketchbook for Repeatless0003 ClothOfGold (example 2)
Sketchbook for Repeatless0003 ClothOfGold (example 1)
Repeatless0003 ClothOfGold 01b
Repeatless0003 ClothOfGold 01a
Repeatless0002 NoahSateen10 Hellibore
Repeatless0002 NoahSateen03 Hellibore
Patterandom Worn Spot 003d
Patterandom Worn Spot 003c
Patterandom Worn Spot 003b
Patterandom Worn Spot 003a
Patterandom Stripe Spot Mix 001q
Patterandom Stripe Spot Mix 001k
Patterandom Stripe Spot Mix 001e
Patterandom Stripe Spot Mix 001a
Patterandom Worn Stripe 002
Patterandom Worn Spot 002b
Grindrod 09 Repeat
Grindrod 08
Grindrod 07
Grindrod 06
Grindrod 05
Grindrod 04
Grindrod 03
Grindrod 02
Grindrod 01