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Repeatless is a research project that explores the use of generative design and coding to create print and surface pattern for fashion and interior textiles, with the aim of developing the possibilities of digital fabric printing.

Pre-digital textile printing technologies used in mass production mechanically transfer the same design repeatedly down the entire length of the substrate. The patterns they reproduce have to loop identically and cannot be altered without stopping and reconfiguring the printer.

Two proposals are made. Firstly, that digital technology could allow a design to change as it is being printed. A digital printer could be receiving constantly evolving information, producing pattern that need never do the same thing twice. Other disciplines within the creative industries such as architecture and graphics have established areas of practice where generative systems are used to create design outcomes. Whilst there has been some research into this field in printed textiles and surface pattern, it remains undeveloped.

It is therefore secondly proposed that generative systems be used to create evolving pattern. These might model complex systems, respond to external intervention / interaction or re-interpret existing textile aesthetics. The generated patterns could then be digitally printed on fabric or other substrates, producing outcomes that demonstrate the application of novel design methods.

The current focus of the work is on writing code that models traditional printed design processes via the use of cellular automata to generate repeatless designs.

Repeatless0003 ClothOfGold 01eRepeatless0003 ClothOfGold 01e
Repeatless0003 ClothOfGold 01dRepeatless0003 ClothOfGold 01d
Sketchbook for Repeatless0003 ClothOfGold (example 2)Sketchbook for Repeatless0003 ClothOfGold (example 2)
Repeatless0003 ClothOfGold 01bRepeatless0003 ClothOfGold 01b
Repeatless0003 ClothOfGold 01aRepeatless0003 ClothOfGold 01a
Repeatless0002 NoahSateen10 HelliboreRepeatless0002 NoahSateen10 Hellibore
Repeatless0002 NoahSateen03 HelliboreRepeatless0002 NoahSateen03 Hellibore
Patterandom Worn Spot 003dPatterandom Worn Spot 003d
Patterandom Worn Spot 003cPatterandom Worn Spot 003c
Patterandom Worn Spot 003bPatterandom Worn Spot 003b
Patterandom Worn Spot 003aPatterandom Worn Spot 003a
Patterandom Stripe Spot Mix 001qPatterandom Stripe Spot Mix 001q
Patterandom Stripe Spot Mix 001kPatterandom Stripe Spot Mix 001k
Patterandom Stripe Spot Mix 001ePatterandom Stripe Spot Mix 001e
Patterandom Stripe Spot Mix 001aPatterandom Stripe Spot Mix 001a
Patterandom Worn Stripe 002Patterandom Worn Stripe 002
Patterandom Worn Spot 002bPatterandom Worn Spot 002b
Grindrod 09 RepeatGrindrod 09 Repeat
Grindrod 08Grindrod 08
Grindrod 07Grindrod 07
Grindrod 06Grindrod 06
Grindrod 05Grindrod 05
Grindrod 04Grindrod 04
Grindrod 03Grindrod 03
Grindrod 02Grindrod 02
Grindrod 01Grindrod 01