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Dr David Haley BA Hons (Fine Art) MA PhD HonFCIWEM

Senior Research Fellow, Director - Ecology In Practice

Dr David Haley

Keywords which best describe my practice and research

Art, landscape, ecology, land management, water, futures, whole systems, well-being, embodied, global warming, climate change, extinction of species, sea level rise, restoration, population explosion, poetry, performance, installation, systems collapse, white-faced clown, resilience, sustainability, grace, question based learning, eco-centric culture, aesthetic diversity, communities of inquiry

Ecological artist, David Haley is a Senior Research Fellow in MIRIAD Arts Research Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University and the founding Director of Ecology In Practice research group. Haley is a Visiting Professor at Zhongyuan University of Technology and Vice-Chair of the Charter Institution for Water and Environmental Management's Art & Environment Network, and is a member of the Society for Ecological Restoration, the Landscape Research Group, eco-arts network, and He is also a trustee of Future's Venture and Director of Harrison Studio & Associates (Britain). In addition to ecological arts commissions, he contributes regularly to international journals, publications and conferences.


Ecology: the study of organisms in relation to one another and to their surroundings, derived from the Greek word, oikos, meaning house, or dwelling.

Art: 'rta', from an Indo-Aryan noun/adjective of the Rig Veda, meaning the dynamic process, by which the whole cosmos continues to be created - virtuously.

I perceive our ability to survive climate change as the enactment of an evolutionary narrative. My interdisciplinary research attempts to integrate quantitative and qualitative methodologies into the creative process. This informs my arts practice that generates poetic dialogues to resonate as creative interventions, in pursuit of aesthetic diversity to develop communities of inquiry for an eco-centric culture.


Visiting Professor, Zhongyuan University of Technology
Trustee, Future's Venture
Director, Harrison Studio & Associates (Britain)
Vice-Chair, Arts and the Environment Network, The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management
Steering Group - Royal Liverpool Children’s NHS Trust, Alder Hey, Arts for Health
Member - The Society for Ecological Restoration



A Drop In The Ocean: A Trace Of Life

A research proposal in the form of an artwork (film and gallery installation) to eventually develop a live artwork that follows the course of a bacterium (named Ulysses Species Nova) from an English river as it completes a trans-Atlantic water/weather cycle - a 'homebecoming'. Water sampling to seek the route of this bacterium’s Odyssey, will question the relationship between climate change and evolution. Details…

A Walk on the Wild Side

Initiated in 2004 and in receipt of £1,000 ACENW ‘seed funding’, this project for URBIS (2007) will promote: a) ‘transformative reflective practice’ (Habermas) as an educational core skill, b) the development of biodiversity corridors and c) encourage community participation in spatial planning. The partners for this ecological arts programme include site-sight, GMPTE, the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology at Lancaster University, the Mersey Basin Trust and Landlife the National Wildflower Trust. Details…

Drawing on Life

The Drawing on Life research project is a synthesis of traditional life drawing, ecology and evolutionary theory. Available to all MIRIAD students, I piloted this project through November/ December 2004 and will deliver a further course as a postgraduate ‘option’ in 2006. Details…

Greenhouse Britain: Losing Ground, Gaining Wisdom

Harrison Studio & Associates (Britain). "As the waters rise gracefully, how may we withdraw gracefully"? Initially supported by DEFRA's Climate Challenge Fund and currently in negotiation with other funders and six venues for a simultaneous Mainland Britain launch in 2008. Details…

In the Memory of Water

In collaboration with CLEAR: Centre for Landscape & Environmental Arts Research, Cumbria Institute for the Arts and the INTERFACE research centre at the University of Ulster on a three-way research project to synthesises different approaches to art, research and the landscape. . Details…

River Dialogues: The Long Story

Working with Mid-Pennine Arts to develop a programme of ecological arts and research projects for the ‘Pennine Lancashire’ district,.. Details…

Rivers From The Future

Knowledge gathered in the form of an expanded pattern book/journal will consider North West England's most valuable resource (bar none), freshwater, and how it may contribute to the creation of a 'New Suburbia'. This project is MIRIAD’s contribution to Confluence: water as a determinant of culture, a research programme in collaboration with INTERFACE (University of Ulster) and CLEAR (Cumbria Institute for the Arts). Details…

Tides Turn, Waters Dance

Project being developed with artist, Wu Mali and the Bamboo Culture Project, Taipei. It considers how Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China may 'make time' as sea levels rise. Details…


David Haley is a member of:

A selection of recent research outputs.


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Internet Publications

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Journal Articles

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Other Outputs

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