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Dr David Huxley

Senior Lecturer
Film and Media Studies

David Huxley is Senior Lecturer on the BA(Hons) Film and Media Studies course. His subject specialisms are the Graphic Novel, Comic Book & Comic Strip, Censorship, Hollywood Film and Animation. His PhD thesis was The Growth and Development of British Alternative Graphic Magazines 1966-1986. Current research interests include the graphic novel and the comic strip,animation and the horror film and early twentieth century British Music Hall performers. He has drawn and written a wide range of adult and children's comics, and designed posters for conferences held at the university (see images).
He has supervised a wide range of Phds in the fields of the graphic novel and the comic strip, horror, genre and national film and examined a wide range of Phds in film and cultural studies.

He is joint editor of the new Routledge publication 'The Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics' (first issue 2010).

BA Hons Fine Art, Birmingham Polytechnic, 1972
ALA, Birmingham Polytechnic, 1974
PhD Loughborough University, 1991

Professional Activities
External Examiner : 1995 - 2011: B.A. Courses: Bournemouth Institute of Art, Loughborough University, Teeside University, Salford University. M.A. Courses: University of the Arts, London
External Examiner, RSA Cartooning and Sequential Art Course, 1990-1993
Extra Mural Lecturer, Manchester University, 1988-1991
Lecture courses on animation and comics at Cornerhouse Arts Centre, 1987-2010


2010 Horror Conference

A new horror conference, jointly organised with Salford University, is to be held at MMU in June, 2010.. Details…

European Nightmares Book

Currently co-editing the book 'European Nightmares: European Horror Cinema since 1945' with P. Allmer & E. Details…

Graphic Novel and Comics Conference

An international conference on comics and graphic novels to be held at Manchester Met 12th - 14th April 2010. Guest Speakers: Martin Barker, Mel Gibson, Paul Gravett & Roger Sabin. Details…

Graphic Novels, Comics and Bande Dessine Conference, 2011

MMU,5-8 July, 2011. Guest Speakers: Hunt Emerson (Firkin the Cat), Melida Gebbie (Wimmin's Comics, Lost Girls). Details…

Horror Conference: European Nightmares

Co-organised the international horror conference at MMU,2005. Details…

Horror Conference: New Nightmares

Co-organised the New Nightmares conference, 2007 See images for poster. Details…


David Huxley is a member of the Media Research Group.

A selection of recent research outputs.


Huxley, D., 2001. Nasty Tales : British Underground Comics, Critical Vision, Manchester.

Edited Books

Huxley, D., Gibson. M. and Ormrod, J., 2014. 'Superheroes and Identities', Routledge.

Huxley, D., 2012. 'European Cinema: Horror Cinema in Europe Since 1945,', Wallflower.

Book Chapters

James, D., Huxley, D, 2016. 'Drivel for Dregs: Perceptions of class, race and gender in British music hall 1850-1914:'. In John Storey (eds.) The Making of British Popular Culture, Routledge.

Huxley, D., 2012. 'Disgusting and Degrading: Censorship and the European Horror Film 1950 -1970'. In Allmer, P, Brick, E Huxley,D (eds.) European Cinema: Horror Cinema in Europe Since 1945,, Wallflower.

Huxley, D., 2012. 'The Complete Fritz the Cat, He Done Her Wrong, His Name is Savage, It Rhymes with Lust, When the Wind Blows'. In Beaty, B. (eds.) The Critical Survey of Graphic Novels, Three 2000 word entries, Two 2500 word entries, Salem Press, California.

Huxley, D., 2011. 'True Blood, Truebies : True Blood Fans'. In Gareth Schott and Kirstine Moffat (eds.) Fanpires: Audience Consumption of the Modern Vampire,, New Academia Press (Washington, DC).

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Huxley, D., 1998. 'Viz : Gender, Class and Taboo'. In Wagg, S. (eds.) Because I tell a Joke or Two : Comedy, Politics and Social Difference, p273-290, Routledge, London.

Internet Publications

Huxley, D., 2011. 'A Dazzling Lack of Respectability: Comics and Academia in the UK: 1971 – 2011', Comics Forum,

Journal Articles

James, D. Huxley, D, 2013. 'Women used to be funny: Music hall and the threat of cinema, 1911–49', The Journal of Early Popular Visual Culture, Vol. 11 Issue 3.

James, D., 2012. 'No other excuse: Race, class and gender in British Music Hall comedic performance 1914–1949', Comedy Studies, Vol. 3 no. 1, 17-28.

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Huxley, D., 2008. 'Kidding the Kaiser: British Propaganda Animation 1914-1919', Early Popular Visual Culture, Vol 4 No 3, 307-319.

Huxley, D., 2007. 'Archive Feature: The Palace of Magic', Early Popular Visual Culture, Vol. 5 Issue 2, 207-216.


James, D., 2015. 'Confessions of an incompetent researcher', Invited speaker at the Comedy Symposium, part of the Salford Comedy Festival, University of Salford,, March 2015.

Huxley, D., 2015. 'Selling Buffalo Bill: The West travels the world', Film and History Conference, University of Wisconsin, November 2015.

Huxley, D., 2014. 'Ropin’ n’ Riding: Selling Western Stars, 1946–1962', Film and History Conference, University of Wisconsin, October 2014.

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James, D. Huxley, D, 2011. ''No Other Excuse': British Musical Performances 1899-1920', 5th International Comedy Conference, Salford University, 2-3 June 2011.

Huxley, D., 2011. 'Panel Discussion: Problems and Possibilities in Defining American Comics', 22nd Annual Conference on American Literature, Boston, 26-29 May 2011.

Huxley, D., 2010. 'Inventing Buffalo Bill', International conference on comics and graphic novels, Manchester Metropolitan University, 12th - 14th April 2010.

Huxley, D., 2009. 'Moral Panics, Censorship and the Cultural Status of Comics in Britain', New Narratives Conference, Toronoto University, 2009.

Huxley, D., 2007. 'World War One Propaganda Animation', The Aesthetics of Trash : Reassessing Animation & the Comic, MMU, 28th-29th August 2007.

Huxley, D., 2005. 'Comics and Film: An Illusory Connection', 4th International Societe Bande Desinee Conference, Manchester, July 8th-9th 2005.