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David Thompson

Programme Leader, Filmmaking

David Thompson

I am a writer-director and indie filmmaker of feature film and television comedy-drama. I specialise in micro-budget filmmaking and the creative process of independent film.

In the past I have run an art house cinema, written and directed my own feature film, produced on numerous shorts, as well as working in just about every role in every type of different medium in the industry. Working nationally and internationally for companies including Universal Pictures, ABC, BBC, ITV, C4, Film4, Channel 5, Discovery, Al Rayan, Teachers TV, Audi, IKEA, Jet2 and EMI amongst others.

I am currently working on an indie film pilot due for production summer 2018 as part of my practice-led PhD. In doing so researching American indie cinema culture and how to develop a similar aesthetic in the UK.

I am passionate about all things feature film and the unique creative process of independent filmmaking in an art school setting.


A selection of recent research outputs.

Conference Papers

Thompson, DS., 2017. 'Stories that sizzle: making indie films viable in a modern day cinema context', MeCCSA, 12/1/2017 - 14/1/2017.

Thompson, DS., 2016. 'Death of the indie?', 7/9/2016 - 9/9/2016.