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Elle Simms

Outreach Coordinator

Elle Simms

Elle is the Outreach Support Tutor for Manchester School of Art.

The Outreach Team at Manchester School of Art help others to develop the skills to tell their own creative stories. We do this through materials, making, writing, playing and tinkering to push the boundaries of pedagogy by exploring creative education through collaboration and risk-taking. This sometimes results in failure, which we encourage as a tool to develop resilience and perseverance to succeed.

We are an open resource and actively seek collaborations and promote sharing.

We want to:
-Improve the perception of value for arts education
-Inspire creative confidence for everyone regardless of age, race, gender or economic background.
-Raise creative aspirations
-Develop creative and critical thinking as essential life skills

We provide opportunities for creative engagement to those who have little or no access; and defend the right to engage in creative practice for those who are actively discouraged from doing so.

Everybody involved in planning and delivery is a subject specialist and the context of
engagement is underpinned by art & design pedagogies. In every part of our creative
engagements, everyone is learning. All of our engagements are designed learning activities for all participants – learners AND deliverers. This is what makes our Outreach engagements distinct. Learners understand their engagement in the wider professional context and develop creative critical thinking and communication skills to reflect on their own engagement, others’ work and the practice and process.

We educate the wider community about the importance of the Creative Sector and its
contribution to wider society and economy. We actively erase negative perceptions of artists and their professional and economic value and break down the barriers of perceptions of employability prospects of creative subjects.


National Art & Design Saturday Club

Manchester School of Art has been part of the National Art & Design Saturday Club since 2013. On Saturday mornings for up to 30 weeks a year, 13-16 year olds around the country head to their local college, university or museum to learn new techniques, handle new materials and develop new skills as part of our nationally-recognised network of Saturday Clubs. Details…

Peppered Moth

Over 2016, Manchester School of Art’s Outreach team have been leading the Peppered Moth Project. Working alongside colleagues in the Faculty of Science and Engineering and partners across Greater Manchester we are working towards publishing a resource book for teachers and educational practitioners all about the peppered moth’s story. Details…

Professionialising Practice Project - P3

Do you want to make a living from your creative practice? Do you want to experience what career options are reliable to you after graduation? Do you want to learn practical skills like how to price your work/time correctly or how to approach a gallery to exhibit your work? The Professional Practice Project will help you develop your employability skills while also giving you the opportunity to gain hands on experience through a variety of creative roles. Through training and delivery, we will help you to embed professional practice skills within your studio practice to enrich your submissions and develop the skills you and on graduation. Details…