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Tatton Allotment Project July 2013

Made a series of Seed Spacers and Dibbers for the Staff exhibition at Tatton Park in July 2013.
Also, the the spirit of the allotment holder, my entire family contributed to the event.

2014 Made a Gooseberry Squeezer and medal as well as the lonesome goosesberry plate.
2015 Added to a deckchair for the "Deckchair Society" exhibit.

Exhibition curated by Jane McFadyen.

Plumptious Gooseberry MedalPlumptious Gooseberry Medal
Gooseberry SqueezerGooseberry Squeezer
The Seed Planting Tool DrawerThe Seed Planting Tool Drawer
1 of set of 9 Ladies Seed Dibbers1 of set of 9 Ladies Seed Dibbers
Tomato Seed SpacerTomato Seed Spacer
Carrot Seed SpacerCarrot Seed Spacer
3 Seed Spacers3 Seed Spacers
3 Large Dibbers3 Large Dibbers
3 Small Dibbers3 Small Dibbers