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Dr Helen List

Senior Lecturer
Film and Media Studies

Dr Helen List

Helen is a researcher and teacher within the field of contemporary media and adult pedagogy. Her current research interests lie with the divide that occurs between the abhorred - the subject-field of the animal - and the cherished - that of childhood. To this end she is working on a study of the bestial metaphor within children's picture books. She has also worked with Utopian themes, with children's television and with the interplay of technological change and time-span.

I trained originally as a Historian, before I was seduced by the visual and worked my way through Art History and also a practice in Fine Art. I eventually settled in the North-West when I took my PGCE at the University of Bolton and later my PhD here at Manchester Metropolitan. Since qualifying I have taught in further and continuing education across a range of institutions, besides my current specialism in the undergraduate sphere. Thus, perhaps as a result of this range, amongst my academic research I also include an active interest in the development of online pedagogies within the sphere of the Art School.

Affiliation -- Higher Education Academy - Fellow


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A selection of recent research outputs.

Book Chapters

List, H., 2017. 'Displaying a Urinal: The Bedfordshire Design as an Object for Appropriation in 1917'. In Fountain 17 Exhibition Catalogue.

List, H., 2013. 'The Story of Manchester School of Art'. In Manchester School of Art: Opening of Benzie Building., Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester.

Journal Articles

List, H., 2017. 'Walking within Film: Gilbertson and Tait and Insignificant Steps Within landscape', Green Letters: Studies in Ecocriticism, 21 (3), 13.


List, H., 2017. 'A Dud Metaphor - Page onto Land', Sheffield Hallam University..

List, H., 2016. 'Walking within Film: Two women and insignificant steps within a landscape', Traversing the Field: An Interdisciplinary Symposium, University of Dundee, 30.04.16.

List, H., 2015. 'New Forms for a Philosophy of Film: Creative and political methodologies', Photography, the apparition of specter and the ultimate condition of inheritance., Manchester Metropolitan University, 20th July 2015.

List, H., 2014. 'The Artist's Book - and the virtual shift', Visiting Lecturer's series, Hull School of Art and Design, 10th December 2014.

List, H., 2011. 'Women and Children as Trans-generational Viewers of Pre-school Television: Playschool (BBC) in the early 1970s in the United Kingdom', Mecssa 11 Conference, University of Salford, 14th January 2011.

List, H., 2010. 'Reading landscapes in the picture book: a quiet contemplation or a flow of movement', Manchester Children's Book Festival, Manchester Metropolitan University, 2nd July 2010.

List, H., 2010. 'Small Utopias: United Kingdom Primary Schools with a Late Modernist Context', Modernism & Utopias: Convergences in the Arts, Birmingham, 24th April 2010.

List, H., 2010. 'With Added Feminism: Communicating Gender Roles in the Online Newspaper', Meccsa 10 Conference, LSE, 6th January 2010.

List, H., 2009. 'Visualizing Animalism in the Pre-literature of the 1960s', Roundtable Event:Key debates in Children's Literature Studies, Newcastle University, 17th January 2009.

List, H., 2007. 'Managing Solitude and Self-Awareness in the construction of Mike Mingola’s Hellboy Strange Places', Aesthetics of Trash: Reassessing Animation and the Comic, Manchester Metropolitan University, 29th August 2007.

List, H., 2007. 'Wounding Passages of Honour: the duel form in historical action cinema', Moves Screen Choreography, Manchester Metropolitan University, 13th June 2007.