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Jacqueline Butler

Head of Media

Jacqueline Butler works with photography, digital video, the artist book, and writing and has a particular fascination with archives and collections (both public and private). Her interests are in exploring visual narrative and contemplating on the material qualities of photography in both analogue and digital forms.
Jacqueline's arts practice evaluates domestic histories and the tangibility of the contemporary photograph and explores themes associated with analogue photography, of loss and melancholia.

She is a Co-ordinator and founding member of FTN(Family Ties Network, UK), and MCollective (artist book co-operative) and is currently undertaking a PhD at Glasgow School of Art.
Jacqueline is a Fellow of Higher Education Academy. From 2006-2011 she was Honorary Secretary of APHE (Association for Photography in Higher Education) and continues to be a member of the association.


PhD Title: The Photograph as Haptic and Virtual Object

Photography involves a physical as well as intellectual engagement through the use of mechanical apparatus (both in analogue and digital form). Through the process of taking and making photographic imagery my research will create opportunities to open up further questioning on how this performative process impacts on the interpretation of the artefact. Details…


Jacqueline Butler is a member of:

A selection of recent research outputs.


Butler, J., 2014. Beyond the Camera (curated by Sian Bonnell), As part of the 14th Pingyao International Photography Festival. Pingyao, China, September 2014.

Peltz Gallery, Install, London 2014Peltz Gallery, London 2014

Butler, J., 2014. Re-Framing Memory: Acts of Memory and the Imagination, Peltz Gallery, London, 3rd-25th July 2014.

Fire and Rose Exhibition, Install 2014Fire and Rose Exhibition, install 2014on hearing of his illnessMapping household managementOn hearing of his illnessOn hearing of his illness

Butler, J (Quilt: Meriya,M and Bhanani,R), 2014. The Fire and The Rose, Asia Triennial 2014, Manchester School of Art, Manchester, 5th-28th November, 2014.

Butler, J., 2014. “Of Green Leaf, Bird, and Flower”: Artists’ Books and the Natural World, Yale Center for British Art, Yale University, New Haven, USA, 15th May -10th August 2014.

Butler, J. and Waltering, S, 2013. Art School Allotment, Whitworth Park, as part of Whitworth Gallery weekend. Also as part of RHS Flower Show, Tatton, Tatton Park, Summer and Autumn 2013.

Butler, J., 2013. Cotton Exchange: A Material Response, Old Rajhagar Mill, Ahmedabad, India, 17th -21st April 2013.

Butler, J., 2013. Nostalgias: Visualising Longing, Pie Factory Gallery, Margate, 1st-12th November, 2013.

Butler, J., 2013. Pairings - Conversations and Collaborations, Contemporary Applied Arts Gallery, London, 22nd March-13th April.

Butler, J., 2013. Stories of the Everyday, Ahmedabad International Arts Festival, 26th- 29th September, 2013.

Cahill, C., Butler, J., Platt, S., Parry, G., Waltering, S., 2012. Doverodde book arts festival- iv, Limfjordscentret Doverodde Købmandsgård, Denmark, 18 – 20th May 2012.

Butler, J., 2012. Udkant/On The Margins. DoverodeBook Arts Festival IV, Doverode, Denmark, 17th May-5th August.

Butler, J., 2012. United Art Fair, Dehli, India, September.

Butler, J., 2010. (De) Constructing The Archive In The Digital Age, Loughborough University Gallery, 2010.

Butler, J. & Waltering, S, 2009. Art School! Contemporary Reflections, Holden Gallery, Manchester, 9th -27th March.

Butler, J., 2009. Sitting Room, Touring Exhibition of Artists Books: Manchester, Brighton, Winchester, Bristol, Mexico City, 2006-2009.

Butler, J., 2008. We Are Beginning To Remember, Persistence Works, Sheffield, UK, 1st-19th October.

Butler, J., 2007. Codex Foundation International Book Fair, University of California, February.

Butler, J., 2007. International Symposium of Interactive Media Design, Istanbul, 5th - 30th May.

curated by Liz Wells and Ann Chwatsky, 2006. Crossing the Atlantic - Uneasy Spaces, Washington Square East Galleries, New York, USA, 12th September - 1st November 2006.

Butler, J., 2006. Journeys, Touring Exhibition: Universitiad Metropolitan, Mexico City. Sophia Wanamaker Gallery, San Jose, Costa Rica; Lafayette College, Easton, Pensylvania, USA, 2006.

Butler, J., 2004. Commonwealth Film Festival- international film festival, Cornerhouse, Manchester, 2004.

Butler, J., 2004. LAB/04-08, ICA, London, November.

Butler, J., 2000. Resolution Video Show- National Video Art exhibition, Brighton Media Centre, 2000.


Butler, J., 2018. 'White Island'.

Butler, JA., 2017. 'On Hearing of His Illness', Portman and Tavistock, Freud Museum, Swiss Cottage Library, Touchstones Gallery, Glasgow Women's Library.

Waltering, S., Butler, J., 2017. 'The Mrs Day Collections', Manchester.

Butler, JA., 2017. 'White Island: Horizonflux', various.


Parry, G., 2007. 'Not Just Another Story', Righton Press.

Book Chapters

Butler, J., 2018. 'In and Out of Focus: Visualising Loss through the Family Album'. In Picturing the Family Media, Narrative, Memory, Bloomsbury Publishing.

Butler, J., 2013. 'Recalling Touch: In and Out of Focus'. In Rosie Miller, Jonathan Carson and Theresa Wilkie (eds.) The Reflexive Photographer, Museums Etc, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Journal Articles

Butler, J., 2012. 'Glass and Paper Landscapes', Source: The Photographic Review, Issue 70, Into the Archive, Spring Issue, pp:26-37.

Butler, J., Parry, G., 2011. 'Towards Ephemeral Narrative', Image [&] Narrative, :Http://

Conference Papers

Waltering, S., butler, J., 2017. 'Narratives from the Archive', Helsinki Photomedia 2014, Helsinki, 26/3/2017 - 28/3/2014.


Butler, J., Parry, G., 2014. 'An Artist’s Response to the Central Library: Documenting the Stacks', Reaching New Peaks: Onwards and Upwards, ARLIS(Arts Libraries Society) UK&Ireland, University of Manchester, 16th-18th July 2014.

Butler, J., 2014. 'Recalling Touch: In and Out of Focus', Re-Framing Memory: Acts of Memory and the Imagination, University of Birkbeck, London, 10th-11th July 2014.

Glass 3

Butler, J., 2014. 'The Photograph as Haptic and Virtual Object', All About Imaging: Transactions, University of Westminster, London, 22nd-23rd May 2014, in Organised by the Faculty of Media, Arts and Design of the University of Westminster, with the co-operation of the Imaging Science Group of the Royal Photographic Society..

Butler, J., 2014. 'Under the Skies of Ahmedabad', South Asian Arts Group(SAAG) 2014Anual Symposium: Manchester and South Asian Arts, Manchester School of Art, 28th March 2014, in Manchester Institute for Research Innovation in Art and Design(MIRIAD).

Butler, J., 2013. 'Sea, water, ice: The precarious act of looking', Lessons in Geography, Midland Arts Centre, Birmingham, 8th -9th November 2013, in Organised by University of Derby and MAC, Birmingham.


Butler, J. and Robinson, S., 2013. 'Wonderlands', Nostalgias: Visualising Longing, Winter Gardens, Margate, 8th-10th November 2013, in Organised by Canterbury Christ Church University and The University of the Arts London..

Butler, J., 2012. 'The Wonder Of Forgetting, Collecting and Assembling', Family Ties: Recollection And Representation, Senate House, University of London, 8th-9th March 2013, in An Interdisciplinary Conference organised under the auspices of the Centre for the Study of Cultural Memory at the Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies, University of London.

Butler, J. and Robinson, S., 2011. 'The ‘Afterlife’ Of Photography', Symposium: Alice Culture: The Endurance of Wonderland, Tate, Liverpool, 19th November 2011.

Butler, J., 2010. 'Responses to the Lewis Carroll Photographic Archive', (De) Constructing The Archive In The Digital Age., School of the Arts, Loughborough University, 24th November 2010, in Organised by Iris

Other Outputs

Judd, H., 2015. 'Surplus to Requirements Artist Book'.