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Jane McFadyen SFHEA,FRSA

Principal Lecturer for Widening Participation and Outreach

Jane McFadyen

Jane McFadyen is Principal Lecturer an Academic Lead for the Engaged Curriculum across the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Within the School of Art she is responsibile for Outreach and Public Engagement and is the Unit Leader of 'Unit X' a cross-school curriculum unit focussing on collaboration, external engagement and employability, studied by all students in Art, Design and Media.
She is currently engaged with the development of cross-institution outreach and curriculum initiatives.

A graduate in Three Dimensional Programme she practiced as a contemporary Jeweller until joining the Polytechnic as an Associate Lecturer in 1989 and becoming full time Principal Lecturer in 1994.

She is committed to raising the profile of Art, Design and Craft education and over a number of years has collaborated with with Sharon Blakey, Senior Lecturer in Three Dimensional Design, on "the Makers Palette" a project to foster the development of individual creative capacity through the practice and embedding of Craft process within both the undergraduate and school curriculum.

Her making practice looks at the relationship of the wearer to the tactile accessory or object, and encompasses a diverse range of materials and making process. Pieces explore the nature of chance and choice, playing with materials and celebrating the maker’s interaction with audience throughout the process of creation.

Current research focusses on on the management of change, pedagogic innovation and the imperatives of curriculum development through engagement with external partners to embed employability into the student experience.


Centre for Engagement through Art and Design.

The Cente for Engagement through Art and Design is the result of a of a one year Teaching Fellowship completed in 2007. The project aimed to capture existing models for engagement with pre-entry, undegraduate, graduate and professional practitioners as seen across the Art School. Details…

Chorlton Cof E Making Day

Curriculum linked Craft Workshops for Foundation and Key Stage One pupils. Chorlton C of E Primary School, June 2005 Grass Heads, Bead Bugs, Hay Animals, Flock of Birds (see Gallery Images). Details…

Crafts Clubs

Craft Workshops for Foundation, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two pupils. Burbage School, Derbyshire. Details…

Dare To Begin ! 'Eu posso, Eu Sou, Eu Vou' ( I can, I am , I will )

A project undertaken for the British Council in Sao Paulo for World Skills, 2015. 'Dare to Begin' invited participants to consider the skills and attributes they considered key to 'success'. Details…

Hands across the City

“Hands Across the City” Networking project. Undertaken at the Knowledge Capitals World Conference on Urban Education. Details…

Interrogate the Art School

Interrogate the Art School is the result of a cross-school student volunteer project to identify mechanisms to de-code the Art School for young people. Developed in 2009 it is aimed at pupils for years 7-13. Details…

Out of Schools - annual Exhibition

Instigated in 2007, the Out of Schools Exhibition was developed in partnership with the Art Advisor for Manchester City Council's Children's services. The authority wide exhibition is an open call to all schools from early years through to 6th Form colleges. Details…

Pathways and Progression, Renaissance North West, Museums for Changing Lives

A 'Pathways and Progression' funded project to develop new models for museums and archives in the region working with secondary schools. Delivery September 2008 - March 2009. Details…

RHS Tatton - Art School Allotment

I developed The Tatton allotment Public Engagement project for the Royal Horticultural Society in 2013. It has become an annual opportunity for academic, technical and support staff to showcase their creativity. Details…

The Makers Palette CPD for Teachers

A three day course for teachers based on a five week undergraduate pedagogic research project 'The Makers Palette' aims to delelop individual creative confidence, reflective practice and 'own voice'. As part of an ongoing investigation into this learning and teaching model, the CPD programme provided insight into the challenges of delivery of making within the constraints of the school curriculum and timetable. Details…

Work in Progress

Work in progress… a body of work that celebrates the inquisitive nature of craft practice using a disparate collection of elements produced using domestic and industrial materials and skills. Very much a work in progress it was presented in the “Artefact” research group exhibition in September 2006. Details…


Jane McFadyen is a member of the Art Pedagogic Experiment Research Group.

A selection of recent research outputs.


Pairings , Final exhibiton collection, Felt , Glass, Silver, Linen ThreadPairings project, Felt and Glass co-made form

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