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A: Teaching Project * I N K L I N G: FICTION - Mapping & Graphic Imagination

Create a single sheet A1 'VISUAL DOCUMENT that is an experimental A1 Visual and Textual Bibliography - a visual LIST and a Typographic document of the writers and literature you have used so far - including examples of your own 'Cut up technique writing task.
Also include extracts of any evaluative text or even just evaluative sentences ? - reflections on your process or reflective 'Feelings' of the work made so far - Experiment with drawn and 'organic' shapes. Printing methods, photocopying tones etc - textures for a SUBTLE background ? and tonal values.

blog available on request
Your text and composition can be experimental and used editorially if you wish =- as in a layout = and have some accompanying visuals - try to keep to a simple palette, two colour or even simply black and white - so the focus is on FORM and lineage / composition - positive and negative space etc ( dont get too focused on your textual KEY - that can wait )

You must include in the final A1 visual / Sheet ;

1. A sample BIBLIOGRAPHY in the layout - books referenced - artists , magazines, films, articles BUT using Two fonts only - use the Family for variety.

2. Show examples / lists of the writers that fit with your previous exercises ie confession cut up, anthropomorphic amalgam & juxtaposition.

3. A rough key to the writers work / text referenced and in your layout - coded or by Font ? - it may be complex and interesting - and can be vague ? go for expression over Logic on this one - enjoy it - and keep suprising me !

DEADLINE this thursday 3rd Dec 10.30 am Pin UP room 310
Look at these classic pieces by Mary Kelly - research her work