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Peter Woodbridge FRSA FHEA

Senior Lecturer

Peter Woodbridge

Peter Woodbridge researches and teaches in the areas of interactive media, immersive experiences, cross-media storytelling/transmedia and emerging digital filmmaking practice.

He is currently the Curriculum Development Lead for the new £30million International Screen School in Manchester that will bring together film, games, animation, digital media design, computational arts and other areas into a new flagship transdisciplinary media school for Manchester.

He contributes to teaching on the Creative Multimedia and Filmmaking programmes across a range of areas including specialisms in new media design & development, UX design, post-production and immersive media practice.

His research includes a number of digital projects incorporating film storytelling, experience design and interactive/immersive media practice in projects that address social, cultural and environmental challenges.

Current research is exploring mixed reality storytelling and experience design - thinking specifically about how emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Spatial Computing are changing the way we interact with place. He is currently developing an AHRC funded PhD at the University of Liverpool School of the Arts, working with several research partners on projects that re-imagine space as a narrative mixed reality encounter for social good.

Previous work has focused on creating digital projects, films and web platforms for a range of organisations, including collaborating on research projects funded by the AHRC, JISC, UNDP and the ERDF.

He was awarded a fellowship of the RSA (Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) for his work around teaching creativity for social change. He is also a fellow of the HEA (Higher Education Academy)


Immersive Storylab - Exploring Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality Spatial Storytelling

Immersive Storylab is a collaboration between myself and screenwriter Rosemary Kay and a number of other collaborators exploring the magic of mixed reality storytelling and immersive media technologies. Working with several collaborators across a number of disciplines to develop novel applications, experiments, experiences and use cases that utilise augmented reality, mixed realty and other immersive technologies for public engagement, educational, cultural and artistic practice. Details…

PhD Title: Mixed Reality and Digital Placemaking

Exploring mixed reality storytelling (AR/XR) as a means of digital placemaking, as part of an AHRC Funded Collaborative Doctoral Award with McCann Manchester and the Virtual Engineering Centre at University of Liverpool. My focus is on prototyping how immersive technologies can be used to create imaginative interactions between people, place and screens. Details…


Peter Woodbridge is a member of:

A selection of recent research outputs.


Woodbridge, PJ., 2017. 'Underneath the Beach, The Paving Stone', Everywhere.

Woodbridge, P. Illingsworth, S. et al, 2016. 'Ballad of the Manchester Ship Canal', Video Installation, ESOF 2016, June 2016.

Woodbridge, P. Miah, A et al, 2016. 'Beacons for Science App', Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Locative Media App, App Store, June 2016.

Woodbridge, P., Repetti, A., Collins, L., 2016. 'Falcone's Generation', Documentary film about the Mafia in Sicily.

Woodbridge, PJ., 2015. '#secrecymachine',

Woodbridge, P., 2015. 'Fracking Futures', Short documentary promo film to raise awareness of Fracking in Merseyside.

Woodbridge, PJ., 2015. 'Latitude',

Woodbridge, PJ., 2015. 'Virtual Reality Medical Training Project'.

Woodbridge, P., 2014. 'Migration Aware', Short documentary film about Irregular Migration in Nigeria, funded by UNDP.


Woodbridge, P., 2013. 'Sounds of the Subway', Video, 3'30", Don't you have Docs Film Festival, Melbourne, 2013.


Woodbridge, P., 2012. 'How Progress is Made', Film, 3'57", Adbusters TV, November 2012.

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Woodbridge, P., 2010. 'Embodied Perspective', Lanchester Gallery, Coventry, 2009.



Woodbridge, P., Adema, J., 2011. 'Symbiosis: Ecologies, Assemblages and Evolution', Open Humanities Press.

Book Chapters

After Video

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Woodbridge, PJ., Miah, A., 2016. 'Beacons for Science'.

Internet Publications

JISC, 2016. 'Open Media Classes', JISC Research Report,

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Journal Articles

Woodbridge, P., Birchall, C., Hall, G., 2012. 'How to Do Justice to Media Specificity—Or, Should This Video Be Left to Speak for Itself?', Ctrl-Z: New Media Philosophy, 1.

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Conference Papers

Woodbridge, PJ., Verity, M., 2017. 'Imagining Future Cities: Mixed Reality and the Transformation of Urban Experiential Space', International AR VR Conference, Manchester, 23/2/2017.

Woodbridge, PJ., 2017. 'On The Mediality of Place: Digital Placemaking and the future of Mixed Urban Reality', ESRC Ways of Being in a Digital Age Conference, University of Liverpool, 10/10/2017 - 11/10/2017.

Woodbridge, P., 2016. 'The Immersive Storylab. Speculative Mediations on the Future of Media Practice', MeCCSA Media Practice Network Annual Symposium, London South Bank University, 10/6/2016.

Creative Activism

Woodbridge, PJ., 2015. 'Art, Technology and Activism: Interdisciplinary Documentary Approaches to Crime in Sicily and Irregular Migration in sub-Saharan Africa', Enhancing Interdisciplinarity, University of Liverpool, 10/6/2015.


Woodbridge, P., 2016. 'Pokemon Go Away: Digital Urbanism and Mediated Architectures', Media Research Seminars, Coventry University, October 2016.

Woodbridge, P., 2012. 'Open Creativity and Transformation in Independent Film', Cultural Policy Studies Visiting Lecture Series, Warwick University, March 2012.

Woodbridge, P., 2012. 'Open Source Media Practice: The Creative Activism Project', Beyond Content: Open Education, Vancouver, British Columbia, Oct 2012.

Woodbridge, P., 2011. 'Open Pedagogies in Creative Media: Moving from knowledge consumption to exchange‘', Post-Digital Encounters, Journal of Media Practice, Watershed, Bristol, June 2011.

Woodbridge, P., Stokes, N., 2010. 'Integrated uses of media platforms in HE in University Teaching Resources', Association for Commonwealth Universities Annual Conference, Melbourne, November 2010.

Other Outputs

Woodbridge, P., 2014. 'Cine Collective', The Cine Collective is an Open Teaching Project exploring cinematography through shared projects.