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Silt City

Competition submission with colleagues for urban lagoon park in Venice.
Co-authors, Dr. Nick Dunn, Ming Chung + Nick Tyson

"We propose a framework of interacting systems that will initiate an event
landscape across the island of Sacca San Mattia and also address the wider
lagoon area. We call this landscape Silt City in reference to its temporal and
evolutionary nature as a result of a series of fluctuating depositions and
dispersals over time.

As a landscape of events, the island directly addresses the tension existing
between global interest and local needs, in which tourism can coexist with the
extant social conditions of Venice by providing both additional recreation for the
citizens and alleviation from the current overcrowding due to tourist influx. In
addition, Sacca San Mattia will act as a transportation hub for connections to
other outlying areas.

Landscape elements will develop incrementally over time as a result of the
ecology of the recycling of refuse and the reuse of 'fields'. The fields will evolve
as a result of ecological and man-made processes to establish the Urban Park's
identity as users interact with the event landscape over time.

The emergent landscape evolves through the integration of natural systems and
man-made processes combined with the various levels of public interaction and
events to develop an Urban Park whose adaptability enables ecologically and
culturally sustainable relationships to exist across the island of Sacca San Mattia
and the wider lagoon area via the network and interface of the Lagoon

Silt CitySilt City