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Heliodays in the Rainy City

Invited exhibition at Urbis, 2001. Selected participants were asked to design a sundial for deisgnated sites across Manchester. This scheme was prepared with Andrew Capewell, Andrew Bamford and Mike Cuniff for Ducie Street canal basin. The sundial was conceived as a closed system that collected energy and distributed in to 12 nodal points on a matrix that connected previously severed arteries of the urban grid. Nodes were formally expressed as 'leaves', 'fruit', 'spores' and 'parasites'. Each of these structures would be supported by a cable grid and manufactured from ETFE pillows printed with PV cells. Each pillow would be filled with a gas that would glow when heated to a low temparature fuelled by the collected energy.

Heliodays in the Rainy City | PlanHeliodays in the Rainy City | Plan
Heliodays in the Rainy City | PerspectiveHeliodays in the Rainy City | Perspective