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Competition entry with Dr. Nick Dunn, Ming Chung and Nick Tyson.

bar_cycle is a prototype unit that presents a set of creative solutions within the city which provide a new layer of sustainable behaviour in terms of culture, economy and the environment. The bar_cycle is a dynamic and versatile addition to the streetscape and public spaces of Milan as it facilitates a recycling and vending system of glass drink bottles whilst also offering a meeting point for social behaviour and cultural events. bar_cycle works by developing a number of ecologies: city, urban, cultural, economic and environmental.

City ecology is promoted as the bar_cycle unit connects to the existing AMSA management system enabling bottles to be taken away for recycling and new bottles to be redistributed efficiently.

Urban ecology is realised as the bar_cycle provides a safe and easily cleanable container for the storing and cooling of glass drink bottles prior to selling.

Cultural ecology is built around the bar_cycle as it acts as durable street furniture for consumers, bars, local and street beverage traders alike. The interactive quality of the recycling process promotes responsible social behaviour wherein the focus of cultural and social events is in the community rather than the resultant waste.

Economic ecology emerges as the bar_cycles present a highly effective recycling system that both minimises waste and the cleaning of public spaces but also offers sponsorship potential from beverage manufacturers, bars, restaurants and government organisations which may enable the system to be self-funding and sustainable in terms of cost.

Environmental ecology is developed as the bar_cycle
promotes responsible citizenship, active recycling as part of social behaviour, effective re-use of materials and minimal impact on the environment at a range of scales.

The bar_cycle system engages with the social and environmental degradation by facilitating a six-stage loop:

Collect - the units connect to existing waste management systems for the safe and effective transportation to and from recycling and production facilities.

Clean - the robust and minimal design enables the units to be easily cleaned using existing street cleaning facilities.

Stack - the bar_cycle provides the safe storage and cooling of glass bottles prior to consumption of beverages. Water is used as a ballast to make the unit stable and this is frozen when connected to power providing cold drinks.

Sell - each unit can be used in a variety of scenarios whether as part of a bar or by local and street beverage traders.

Meet - the units provide meeting points within the public realm and can be arranged in a number of ways as appropriate to the social and cultural events within the public space(s).

Save - the bar_cycle allows for the safe and efficient recycling of glass bottles within its base, minimising the waste management and cleaning process of the public realm.

bar_cycle: an innovative and sustainable solution promoting cultural and economic ecologies for stakeholders and community in Milan.

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