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Recycle City

Presented as a parallel component of State Legacy is an intervention and exhibition of new research-by-design work from team-bau. This project investigates the ecological issues raised as a consequence of industrialisation. Through the analysis and synthesis of data generated by the original industrial city, Manchester is used as a vehicle to explain dynamic solutions that offer both ecological sustainability and adaptability to changing needs and future use. By communicating creative strategic proposals this continuing research project seeks to form a more cohesive perspective upon the material benefits and unwanted side effects of industrialisation. The emergent post-industrial landscape evolves through the integration of natural systems and man-made processes combined with the various levels of public interaction and events to develop an urban master-plan whose adaptability enables ecologically and culturally sustainable relationships to exist.

This series of 4 models ascends in scale and demonstrates the redefinition of a post-industrial landscape (car plant and power station) as a field for decontamination of household waste and ultimately a public park. The re-use and reclassification of the largely redundant regional canal network into a matrix for the collection and redistribution of sorted recyclables and waste product forms the backbone of this proposal. The mapping of existing waste processing sites (1:50000) only serves to demonstrate the reliance on the highway infrastructure to currently support these industries.

Non-hazardous waste that requires some form of remediation will be treated by sorting and eventually seeded with a selection of plants suitable for the removal and filtering of toxins. The sorted recyclables will be shipped by barge to Liverpool using the Manchester Ship Canal. It is proposed that the physical elements of the waste sorting landscape (hoppers, walls, bins, gantries) will eventually be reconfigured to a leisure landscape with the passing of time as the brownfield site is cleansed and transformed into public open space.

Recycle City 003Recycle City 003
Recycle City 002Recycle City 002
Recycle City 001Recycle City 001