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The Rural: Contemporary Art and Spaces of Connection

Working the Whitechapel Gallery, Instanbul Biennial, Wysing Arts, Myvillages amd Univeristy of Aberystwyth.

This project takes the form of a special series of events and conference dedicated to exploring how artists engage with the contemporary rural sphere.
What is the role of art in rural contexts?

This series of public events, leading to a conference in 2019, takes the particular set of conditions presented by the rural as a context for art. How are ideas of community, climate or architecture perceived from a rural perspective? Art is always assumed to thrive best in metropolitan centres, yet when focus is diverted we are met with new questions and priorities.

Spaces of Connection looks at contemporary artists, architects and creative practitioners who are challenging the assumptions made about rural life, providing a new vision of the countryside grounded in everyday experience. This series considers how artists respond to the socio-economic divides between the rural and the urban, and the impact of the decline of industry in small towns and surrounding villages. From re-imagined farming practices and food systems to architecture, community projects and transnational local networks, this programme brings these projects to the foreground, inviting a careful and critical look at our relationships with the rural today.

I am a member of working group for this project. I have spoken at one of the events, Rethinking Landscape
And Manchester School of Art are hosting one of the events in November 2018.
More information on the full programme here: