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Peltz Gallery, London 2014 - Jacqueline Butler

Media Research Group

The Media Research Group is an implicitly interdisciplinary group that supports staff from a wide range of disciplinary fields including film, video, robotic and sound installation, Film and Media Studies, Filmmaking, Interactive Arts and Creative Multimedia.

Research Areas

  • Duration and temporality of the 'still' image
  • Sensorial and bodily experience of photography
  • Filmmaking materiality in photographic and film practices
  • New technologies and the material culture of archives
  • Geomedia, mapping and movement in contemporary art and visual culture
  • Women in comics and subcultural identities
  • National identity through film and popular culture
  • Graphic novel and the comic strip
  • Horror Cinema in Europe
  • Artists and the media
  • Photography and objecthood
  • Embodiment in film documentary
  • Interstices between discursive spaces
  • rituals around documentary and portrait photography
  • History, memory, and psychological relationship with place
  • How the performative process impacts on the interpretation of the artefact in film and/or photography
  • Narratives of the domestic in photography and artist book practices
  • Bestial metaphor within children's literature
  • Multi-sensory and multimodal perception
  • Speculative Realism, speculative materialism and object-oriented philosophy
  • Repurposing visual, sonic and haptic technologies
  • Sound and unsound theory, installation and process
  • Wearable technologies and ubiquitous computing

Recent Projects

Installation, screening and panel discussion at the Tate Britain.

Edited collection with Mel Gibson (University of Northumbria) and David Huxley (MMU).

Participation in a week long artist's residency.

Forensic, photographic collage for Finding Treblinka project, commissioned by Centre for Archaeology, Staffordshire University, and funded by Rothschild Foundation.

Interactive robotic installation


Exhibitions & Publications


Ballpark, 2016Lurcher, 2014

Page, R., 2017. The Dialogue of the Dogs, The Francesca Maffeo Gallery, Essex, January - February 2017.

Adkins, L.B, 2017. ‘Made in Translation’, Portico Library, Manchester., Feb 2017.

Zapp, A., 2016. Captured around The World, Bunka Costume Gallery Tokyo, Feb/March.

Follow - FACTFollow - FACTFollow - FACTFollow - FACTFollow - FACT

Adkins, L.B, 2016. Follow, FACT, December 2015 - February 2016.

Page, R., 2016. Process, Bankley Gallery, May - June 2016.

Holt, J., 2016. Uplands, Ethnografilm, Paris, April 2016.

Heys, T., 2015. Delusions of the Living Dead, Tate Britain.

Zapp, A., 2015. London Fashion Week, Scoop, Saatchi Gallery, September 2015.

Adkins, L.B, 2015. Outcasting A Century of Artists Films., Oriel Mwldan Cardigan, Wales., 2011.

Zapp, A., 2015. Paradise Mill, Silk Museum Macclesfield, June to September.

Zapp, A., 2015. Paris Fashion Week, Fashion Scout, October 2015.

Adkins, L.B, 2015. Sluice Art Fair, Sluice Art Fair - Oxo Tower London, 16 - 18 October 2015.

Page, R., 2015. Still Moving, Vertical Gallery, Manchester School of Art, April 2015.

South Home Town 2015

Hawley, S. Steyger, T., 2015. Stranger than Known; South Home Town, Video installation at Southampton Showcase Gallery, Dec 2014- Feb 2015.

Holt, J., 2015. Uplands, London Short Film Festival, January 2015.


Still from video Creations

Ravetz, A., 2017. 'Creations', 16 minute video about artist Barbara Symmons commissioned by RoaR, RoaR Archive, June 9th 2017 Barrignton Farm Art Barn.

Woodbridge, P. Illingsworth, S. et al, 2016. 'Ballad of the Manchester Ship Canal', Video Installation, ESOF 2016, June 2016.

Woodbridge, P. Miah, A et al, 2016. 'Beacons for Science App', Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Locative Media App, App Store, June 2016.

Woodbridge, P., Repetti, A., Collins, L., 2016. 'Falcone's Generation', Documentary film about the Mafia in Sicily.

Woodbridge, P., 2015. 'Fracking Futures', Short documentary promo film to raise awareness of Fracking in Merseyside.

Woodbridge, P. et al, 2015. 'Latitude', A transmedia feature film teaching project. Released in 2015.


Gerard McBurney (Writer and Creator); Sir Mark Elder (Conductor); David Shirley (Director), 2016. 'Beyond the Score: Dvorak Symphony No. 9, "From the New World'', Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, May 7th 2016.

Britten, Benjamin (Composer) Elder, Sir Mark (Conductor) Shirley, David (Director), 2015. 'The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra', Halle Orchestra at the Manchester Bridgewater Hall, Thursday 21st May 2015 at 7.30pm.

Jointly Authored Book

James, D., Kamin, D, Goodwins, F, 2017. 'Charlie Chaplin's Red Letter Days: At Work with the Comic Genius', Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, USA.

Edited Books

Colman, F., Frichot, H., Reynolds, J., 2016. 'Global Arts / Local Knowledge', New York: Lexington Books.

Hawley, S. O'Brien, K, Clift, E, Cairns, G, co-editors, 2015. 'Imaging the City – art, creative practices and media speculations', Intellect UK.

Book Chapters

James, David. Colman, Felicity, 2017. '‘Military Class: Hearts and Minds on the Domestic Screen’'. In Johnson, Beth; Forest, David (eds.) ‘Social Class and Television Drama in Contemporary Britain’, Palgrave Macmillan.

After Video

Woodbridge, P. , Hall, G. , Birchall, C., 2016. 'Control Societies'. In Oliver Lerone Schultz, Adnan Hadzi, Pablo de Soto, Laila Shereen Sakr (VJ Um Amel) (eds.) After.Video Assemblages, Mute Publishing, Open Humanities Press.

James, D., Huxley, D, 2016. 'Drivel for Dregs: Perceptions of class, race and gender in British music hall 1850-1914:'. In John Storey (eds.) The Making of British Popular Culture, Routledge.

Colman, F., 2015. 'Digital Biopolitics: The Image of Life'. In S.E. Wilmer, Audronė Žukauskaitė (eds.) Resisting Biopolitics Philosophical, Political, and Performative Strategies, 11, Routledge.

Internet Publications

JISC, 2016. 'Open Media Classes', JISC Research Report,

Brittain, D., 2015. 'Field theory in the Neoliberal Cultural Industries', Atiner Papers,

Woodbridge, P. Birchall, C, 2015. 'Secrecy Machine', Kings College London,

Journal Articles

Shirley, D., 2016. 'His Dream of Passion: Reflections on the work of Lee Strasberg and his influence on British Actor Training', Stanislavski Studies, Volume 4/Issue 1, pp.47-61.

Ravetz, A., Grimshaw, A., 2015. 'Drawing with a camera? Ethnographic film and transformative anthropology', Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (JRAI), 21, 20.

Colman, F., 2015. 'Dromospheric Generation: The Things That We Have Learned Are No Longer Enough.', Cultural Politics, 11(2), 246-259.

Ravetz, A. and Grimshaw, A., 2015. 'The ethnographic turn -- and after: a critical approach toward the realignment of art and anthropology', Social Anthropology/Anthropologie Sociale, 23 (4).


Page, R., 2017. 'Breaking New Ground: Photography in the Digital Age', Future Now : Aesthetica Symposium, York University, 26 May 2016.

Woodbridge, P. Verity, M, 2017. 'Imagining Future Cities: Mixed Reality and the Transformation of Urban Experiential Space', International AR and VR Conference, Manchester, February 2017.

Ravetz, A., 2017. 'Keynote: Art, Anthropology and the Margins', Ways of doing, Ways of being: artistic practices in and with anthropology, National Museum of Ethnology, Lisbon, 9-10 March 2017, in CRIA – Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologia..

Woodbridge, P., 2016. 'Pokemon Go Away: Digital Urbanism and Mediated Architectures', Media Research Seminars, Coventry University, October 2016.

Woodbridge, P., 2016. 'The Immersive Storylab. Speculative Mediations on the Future of Media Practice', Journal of Media Practice Annual Conference, London South Bank University.

List, H., 2016. 'Walking within Film: Two women and insignificant steps within a landscape', Traversing the Field: An Interdisciplinary Symposium, University of Dundee, 30.04.16.

Colman, F., 2015. 'A Feminist Egg: #BWOselfie', Daughters of Chaos: Discipline, Practice, a Life , 8th Deleuze Studies International Conference, School of Architecture KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) Stockholm, Sweden, 29 June- 1 July.

Colman, F., 2015. 'Agency and Attention: The Political Image in French Theory', INTERNATIONAL COLLOQUIUM IN 20TH AND 21ST CENTURY FRENCH AND FRANCOPHONE STUDIES, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 26 28 February.

Creative Activism

Woodbridge, P., 2015. 'Art, Technology and Activism: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Crime in Sicily and Irregular Migration in sub-Saharan Africa', Enhancing Interdisciplinarity, University of Liverpool, January 2015.

Colman, F. and Revelles-Benavente, B., 2015. 'Capital’s sex-gender factor: the matter of rape with/in the digital', Sex & Capital. ATGENDER - The European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation Annual Conference, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland, 3-6 June..

James, D., 2015. 'Confessions of an incompetent researcher', Invited speaker at the Comedy Symposium, part of the Salford Comedy Festival, University of Salford,, March 2015.

Colman, F., 2015. 'Digital Gestell: Feminist materialist approaches to durational matters', Material Environments: Sensing Time and Matter in Digital and Visual Culture, University of Greenwich, London, England, 24 July.

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Hawley, S., 2015. 'Manchester as a mythical city', Manchester as a mythical city, Manchester City Art Gallery, Thursday 24th January 2012.

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Adkins, L.B, 2015. '‘Windmills of Your Mind’ - cloth and clothing as a sexual signifier within the context of erotic performance.', A COLLOQUIUM THE EROTIC CLOTH: Seduction and Fetishism., The Artworkers Guild, London., 20 March 2015.

Other Outputs

Ravetz, A. Douglas, A, Genever, K. Baraclough, J. and Carney, M., 2015. 'Drawing Paper 8', Drawing Paper is distributed free to galleries around the UK. THis edition is about drawing as connecting..

Ravetz, A. and Wright, L., 2015. 'Validation beyond the gallery: How do artists working outside of the gallery system receive validation of their practice? A qualitative study', A research report conducted for Axisweb.