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A Manifesto for Growth - Joe McCullagh

Art Pedagogy Experiment
Research Group

The A.P.E. is a VISIONARY research community that will challenge and EXPERIMENT through/in/out/between/in-between/about/for PEDAGOGY within art, design, media and architecture. Experimental and dynamic addressing a values based education and how values affect us both personal and institutional. EXPERIMENTAL AND IMPROVISATIONAL. How values affect us, our communities and the influence they have. FORMS OF INQUIRY. It will resist the broader agendas and look to a sense of vision i.e. Black Mountain College and recapture that holistic vision. NEW TERRITORIES. EDUCATION FLOW. How education communities work. How things are negotiated within teaching AND LEARNING. transitions. INTERDISCPLINARITY. Pedagogic play and creativity. EXPLORATION. It will do contextual and action orientated research have an application into teaching/practice. It will disseminate through socialised communities. Be CHALLENGING and QUESTIONING. Visualise pedagogy. A democratic learning. Discipline free. FREE FORM To EXPERIMENT!



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Exhibitions & Publications


Fifty years of Illustration ExhibitionFifty Years of Illustration Full pageFifty Years of Illustration profile page50 Years of Illustration

Whadcock, I., 2015. Fifty years of Illustration, UCL london, October 2014.

A Representation of Design Contrasts

McCullagh, J., 2015. Visual Information Design Association of Korea International Exhibition, Art Space Gallery of DaeWoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (163-1, Samsungdong, Kangnamgu Seoul, Korea) International Design Congress, KDJ Convention Center, Gwangju, Korea, 1–5 June 15/17–23 Oct 15.


Beadle, J., 2015. 'Frenos et Frustas', Artists book (edition variée) edition of 5- Individual pages mounted in box- fragments of printed and embroidered textile flora, purchased by and in the collection of Winchester School of Art Library, special collections., April 2015 -ongoing.

Beadle, J., 2015. '‘Mindless stitching’', Artists book A concertina fold book with stitching, BABE Arnolfini ,Bristol, April 2015.

Internet Publications

McFadyen, J. Blakey, S, 2016. 'Curiosity over conformity: The Makers Palette – a case for hands-on learning', Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education,,id=139/.

Jones, G., 2015. 'Books for Designers No.9', Books for Designers,

McFadyen, J.McCullagh,J., 2015. 'Design Collaborations: The Good, the Bad, and the Unthinkable', Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal — Annual Review,

Unit X

McFadyen, J.McCullagh,J. Holmes, A., 2015. 'Unit X, future-proofing the undergraduate curriculum', Conference Proceedings,Designing Design Education for India,

Journal Articles

Ravetz, A., Grimshaw, A., 2015. 'Drawing with a camera? Ethnographic film and transformative anthropology', Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (JRAI), 21, 20.

McCullagh, J., 2015. 'Introducing ALF', Learning and Teaching in Action, Volume 1/Issue 10 2015, 12–20.

Ravetz, A. and Grimshaw, A., 2015. 'The ethnographic turn -- and after: a critical approach toward the realignment of art and anthropology', Social Anthropology/Anthropologie Sociale, 23 (4).


McCullagh, J., 2015. 'Design and Communication: Unpredictable Encounters', World Design Congress: Eeum Design Connects, KDJ Convention Center, Gwangju, South Korea, 17-23 October 2015, in Eeum Design Connects and at, 113.

Jones, G., 2015. 'Loose Collective', Lincoln University Guest Lecturer, Lincoln University, Wednesday 14th January, 2015.

McFadyen, J. Macbeth, P., 2015. 'The Future of Art, Craft and Design in Schools: Next steps for cultural education', Policy-UK Forum, Glaziers Hall, 9 Montague Close, London Bridge, London, SE1 9DD, Thursday, 22nd October 2015.

Other Outputs

Ravetz, A. and Wright, L., 2015. 'Validation beyond the gallery: How do artists working outside of the gallery system receive validation of their practice? A qualitative study', A research report conducted for Axisweb.