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Glynis Johnston

Technical Services Manager, Media


Telephone: 0161 247 1945 / 07805 826847

Location: Chatham Building

Glynis's first job leaving school, way back in the early 1970's was as a Computer Operator at St Andrews University. St Andrews was one of the first to offer a Computer Science degree course. The service she provided to students very much reflected the decade, number crunching, batch based computing. "The mainframe computer we had, resembled those frequently in shot on 'The Man from Uncle' a late 1960's TV show. Rows of flashing lights, large spinning Tape Drives, Disks that were the size and shape of a washing machine, punch cards containing the programs and a teletype console. To provide "state of the art" computing we had a mini computer with green screen monitors and actually allowed students direct access to the computer."

Moving to Manchester mid 1970's Glynis had a couple more computer operator/data entry jobs, again still batch based computing, for ATS Tyres and then supervising the Data Entry team for Sentry Insurance Ltd. The data entry in both cases supplied information to mainframe computers handling customer information and accounts.

Into the 80's and Glynis moved to McDonnell Douglas, starting out providing Pre and Post Sales Technical Support on their Key to Disk systems but was promoted to Pre Sales Technical Support Manager for their Health Service and Police Team, covering the whole of the UK. Still mini computers but this time using the Pick Operating System (for those knowledgeable in vintage Computer Operating Systems). Importantly, however a position that reinforces the importance of informing and helping computer users. One customer of McDonnell Douglas was an up and coming company based in Stockley Park near Uxbridge, Apple Computers. Convinced by the superiority of Postscript Printing, McDonnell Douglas purchased an Apple Classic and Glynis had her first encounter with a bona fide Personal Computer.

Glynis's next move was to become a Trainer and to begin to pass on skills acquired over the years. How to use a mouse, Spreadsheets, Word Processing and the new fangled DTP (Desk Top Publishing) seems ridiculous now but it was unfamiliar ground for most people in the 80's and early 90's. Typography, colour space, the print process, some of the more DTP specific training she provided.

In 1993 Glynis joined GBM Digital Technologies Ltd in Ardwick, as Trainer. A company born out of the digital print revolution, GBM began by providing a digital typesetting and photographic scanning and retouch to the advertising and print industry throughout Manchester and the North West. GBM moved from large typesetters and airbrush technology into using Apple Macs and in the process learned the pitfalls and techniques required. They began to offer a support service to this same customer base who were making this same move. In the process they became, and remain, one of the top UK Apple Resellers, Service Provider, Education Solutions Expert and Training Centre, the last one being Glynis' responsibility as Training Manager. The focus at GBM, is to provide Apple Mac expertise to a wide range of customers and Glynis had the honour of working with these companies to ensure they make the most of the solution provided by GBM. Glynis grew with this evolving technology and in addition became an Apple Authorised Trainer for Mac OS X, as well as providing training, pre and post sales for the print/publishing applications in the Adobe Suite of programs.

"I am delighted to be here at MMU to assist and work with new generations of Students and hopefully pass on some of my knowledge - past and past and present."