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Macbeth, PA., Ryall, H., 2016.

The Digital Print Room - A Bespoke Approach to Print Technology

Output Type:Chapter in a book
Publication:Crafting Textiles in the Digital Age
Publisher:Bloomsbury Academia

This chapter explores and expands the ideas that emerged during the development of a practice-based PhD carried out by Helen Ryall, one of the authors. The research encourages designers to engage with traditional craft and design methods and apply these to digital technologies in the production of innovative textile surfaces. The chapter explores the intersection between craft and technology and details the use of resist techniques, embroidery and pleating as an integral part of ink jet printing.
The authors examine the use of digital processes and identify that as they have become more familiar and part of an everyday practice, tacit approaches to textile making have emerged within a digital context. They explore this new hybrid methodology which has challenged the mindset of either hand or machine made to apply the principles of 'designing through making' to a digital textile collection, in order to produce a new and nuanced crafted aesthetic.