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Kettle, AM., 2016.

The Scalloped Edge

Output Type:Exhibition
Venue:Galeria dos Prazeres, Madeira , Portugal
Dates:6/7/2016 - 14/9/2016
Number of Works:25

The Scalloped Edge, residency and solo exhibition of work by Kettle took place at the Galeria dos Prazeros (2016) within the cultural space Quinta Pedagógica, Madeira. The exhibition included co-created works with local women fulfilling the broader gallery aims to contribute to regional cultural and social development within an international context. The project created new dialogue and stitched artefacts with the Prazeres women, the Textile Museum Funchal, and the diasporian embroiderers in New Bedford, USA working with Memory Holloway Professor of Art History; University of Massachusetts Titled the Scalloped Edge, a feature of Madeiran embroidery, the study utilises distinctive Madeiran iconography, characteristic palette of white and blue, repeated lines of satin and long-and-short stitch, to explore commonalties and variations in stitch with a view to creating networks and discussion. Stitch was the metaphor of cultural exchange, collaboration and union between island nations (Madeira and UK) both with highly specific heritage stitch practices.

The project and exhibition interrogates how the fixed heritage of Madeiran embroidery is revitalised through Kettle's English artistic approach.
A comparative study of stitch, tacit, rural and cultural knowledge took place with the women. Co-creation of works created new discourse and networks, examining the role of women, rural and national identity and the value of stitch tradition as a regional expert practice.

The project questions the disruption of tradition as an erosion of cultural value, implying that in liberating stitch practice, an emancipation of women takes place.
The project was funded by Calhetaviva, Municipo de Madeira, Centro Social dos Prazeres and Quinta Pedagogica dos Prazeres. A film and monograph The Scalloped Edge (2019) Madeira, Galerios dos Prazeros ISBN 2637910-983. Kettle presented (2017) as a Keynote at Disrupt conference, Stroud International Textiles, and as Panel Chair at Arts and Art History Conference (2017) Textiles, Reciprocity and Division.