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Portfolio Guidance
for Overseas Applicants

If you are based outside the UK*, we will normally ask you to provide a digital portfolio for practice–based courses.

Please read the instructions below on how to submit your work. We normally expect the portfolio to be submitted within two weeks of our request.

*If you are planning to be in the UK in the next couple of months or are currently based in the UK please let us know as we may be able to arrange an interview for you while you are here. Please contact the Admissions Team.

What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of drawings, images and documents that represent your art work in a creative and imaginative way.

What should you include?

A good range of artwork that demonstrates your subject area. We will be looking for both finished and work in progress that shows

  • Craft skills, such as drawing, working with materials, photography or writing
  • Artistic scope, for example use of colour, form, shape or space
  • Engagement with your chosen subject area
  • Imagination

Watch a video of our academic staff describing what they are looking for in an applicant's portfolio.

How to create a digital portfolio

Step 1 Create a blog

The best way to create a digital portfolio is to make a blog and upload your images onto there. We would recommend that you use however you could also use or Please include your name at the top of your blog page.

Step 2 Upload your art work

Upload approximately 20 images to your blog that include

  • At least two images of development work such as scanned pages from your sketchbook or notebook
  • A short statement with each image or video of no more than 100 words telling us about your work

Once you have completed your digital portfolio, please make sure that the page can be viewed publically and is not password protected.

Step 3 Send us your portfolio

Send an email to the Art and Design Admissions Team at with the link to your blog.

Please also include in the email your name, UCAS personal ID number (if you have applied through UCAS) and the name of the course.

We will only use the information that you send to us as part of the admissions process for Manchester School of Art. Other candidates will not be able to view your work unless you wish to publicise the blog. You may need to update your blog settings if you do not want your blog included in public listings and search results.

Advice on creating your digital portfolio

  • Make sure that you set your blog read permissions to public so that we can access it and that all the images are visble and links work before you submit it.
  • Images and videos should be carefully selected to be representative of your work and interests
  • Consult your teacher to help you create the blog, but make sure all the work you upload is your own
  • Be prepared to have several attempts at creating the blog before it is finished, so that it goes through a refining process