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What Is Your Stance?

What Is Your Stance? is curated by BA Art History and Curating staff and students

What Is Your Stance? asks Tate Liverpool visitors to explore alternative ways of looking at art

2 May 2019

Art History and Curating students and staff have created an open social space, workshops and activities

What Is Your Stance?, a new programme of events and activities at Tate Liverpool, asks how art can inspire change in our everyday lives and help understand who we are.

Selected to be one of the Tate Exchange programmes, What Is Your Stance? (May 6-12) has been developed by BA (Hons) Art History and Curating students and staff from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Tate Exchange is a space for other organisations and members of the public to make, play, talk, and reflect and to discover new perspectives on life, through art.

Responding to the key theme ‘movement’ that Tate Exchange focuses on this year, What Is Your Stance? creates an open social space with workshops and drop-in activities, giving the participant an alternative way of looking at art.

It has been curated by students Laura Kubiliene, Chia-Wei Lee and Fiona-Rose Stephens, and designed by Georgia Burns.

In the Tate Exchange space there will be three different and yet connected elements for participants to engage with.

Interactive games

Through playing with an interactive game - Find Your Stance, a game designed to spark conversations and personal reflection, visitors will use physical movement to identify keywords in relation to social issues. Inspired by the concept of social choreography, Find Your Stance enables visitors to express their physical and personal positions through movement. Through choosing between different keywords, one might realise it is not possible to be connected with a single group.

Share Your Stance is a community board, a space for written and drawn responses to visitors’ experiences of the project. Visitors will be asked to consider: ‘Have the conversations held during the curated workshops inspired you?’ ‘How did you play the game Find Your Stance?’ Audiences will also be able to view the participants’ thoughts and explore the archive of responses from other visitors.

A gallery map links some of the artworks on display to aspects of our everyday lives, offering new ways to think about how art connects to and invites us to consider our own personal stances.

There will also be a series of workshops held to explore how art can relate to the everyday. Taking an artwork on display as inspiration, speakers and hosts will be invited to lead an open conversation. The conversations are organised with an open approach to encourage participants to join the discussion.

What Is Your Stance? is open at Tate Exchange Liverpool from May 6-12. The opening hours are Monday to Sunday, 10:00-17:50, with free admission.

The activities begin with a family-friendly workshop on Monday, May 6, 2019. For more information about the workshops and to book a place see: