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19 December 2005

MMU appoints Professor of Disability

Duncan Mitchell joins

MMU has appointed one of the first Professors of Disability in the UK.

Dr Duncan Mitchell will be taking up the post of Professor of Health and Disability in January 2006.

The post that has been created jointly by MMU and the Manchester Learning Disability Partnership and is the culmination of years of fruitful research collaborations with MMU's Research Institute for Health and Social Change.

The Chair follows the recent joint appointment of Darren Chadwick as a research fellow and several joint projects and publications between members of the Partnership and RIHSC.

Disability nursing

Professor Mitchell is former Head of the School of Nursing at the University of Salford and a learning disability nurse by trade.

His research interests include policy and practice for people with learning disabilities and nursing policy and practice.

He is working with a number of NHS Trusts to improve health services for people with learning disabilities and is a member of the Salford Learning Disability Partnership Board.
Duncan will spend half his time in MMU leading research on health and disability and half in the Manchester Learning Disability Partnership as a member of the senior management team.

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