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19 January 2007

Academic Staff Elections to Academic Board

Nominations are open for the election of two academic staff representatives to each Faculty Board. The term of office for these positions will be for one year initially, thereafter for two years.

For this year only the election procedure will be as follows:

-All members of academic staff from the relevant faculty are eligible to stand for election, make nominations and vote in the election.
-Up to 2 nominations per person may be made using a University nomination form available from each Faculty Office.
-Nominations will be open until 4.30pm on Friday 26th January 2007.
-If more than two candidates are nominated in any Faculty, the Faculty Registrar will call an election and circulate details of voting arrangements to eligible members of staff.
-Each academic staff member may cast up to two votes.
-As soon as possible after the close of voting the Faculty Registrar will count the votes and declare the result.
-In the event of a tied vote, candidates will draw straws to decide the outcome.

Any questions or comments about this election should be made to Faculty Registrars:

Art & Design - Steve Foote
Health Social Care & Education - Alex Thorley
Humanities, Law & Social Science - Pauline Ford
Hollings- Nigel Farmer
MMU Business School - Nigel Legge
MMU Cheshire - Hilary Legge
Science and Engineering - Barbara Furnival