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Jack Finch [NO]
16 June 2017

Duggie Reid's invention-filled Foundation: chocolate catapults, disobedient robots and recycled desk space

Part of the Degree Show Series

To celebrate our Degree Show, we’re focusing on the stories, inspirations and learning experiences of some of the 1000 plus artists and designers who are exhibiting work.

Previously, student culture-inspired Fine Art student Jack Finch discussed his work and experiences. In this instalment, Duggie Dundas Reid talks disobedient robots, creating work out of necessity for tidiness and what’s next after his Foundation studies.

From drowning in mess to an innovative desk

‘A few months into the Foundation year, after creating chocolate catapults, LED earrings, negative view sliders and various disobedient robots, I found myself drowning in previous projects, spare materials, tools and components.

To combat this, I decided to make a shelf to house it all. When it came to the time to propose Final Major Project ideas, the shelf has been upgraded several times to keep the space clean. It was then where I decided to create a desk that helps tidy my mess rather than creating more. To remove the mess further, I would only use materials that have been thrown away by people.

I would describe the project as a physical representation of how my mind works when it is left to its own devices. This is represented through the featured that I need on a desk and how it has been constructed.’

Facilities, freedom and weird and wonderful students

‘Studying the foundation year has been the best year of my life so far.

This is due to the amazing facilities, weird and wonderful students and most of all, the freedom. The tutors seem to have a knack at finding out what you enjoy and are strong at and with this, help you develop the skills you need, enabling you to realise what path to take next year. The freedom of this course was an influential learning experience that made me produce the type of work I create now.

Manchester is the perfect location for studying a creative subject. However, I believe that the same thing could be said about studying any subject here. The city is full of interesting people in interesting shops and bars, and I am proud to call it my new home.’

A future of more robots and quirky furniture

‘Next year, I will be continuing my studies here through the Three Dimensional Design course. Like the Foundation, it also seems to be guided on what you want to learn and therefore will help me achieve my dream – dominating the world through awful robots and quirky furniture.'

Duggie’s work is on display in our Degree Show until 21 June. You can also follow his journey on Instagram at @duggiedundas.