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Benjamin Greenhalgh design

20171105 308 – Lewis Pugh takes plunge to save marine life The Times, Benjamin Greenhalgh, MMU Lecturer & Designer

Imaginative Press captures 2017 through daily artworks

20 December 2017

Benjamin Greenhalgh’s project has also involved School of Art students and staff too

A University lecturer and designer is close to completing a mammoth task he set himself at the start of 2017 – to edit a daily ‘creative newspaper’ of artwork responding to news headlines.

Imaginative Press is the brainchild of Benjamin Greenhalgh, Lecturer at Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Each day throughout the year he has either created or commissioned an illustration, painting or piece of graphic design based on a relevant news story.

20170901 - 243 – Bangladesh struggles to cope with influx of Rohingya Muslim refugees fleeing brutal crackdown in Burma (The Independent, Cait McEniff – Student, Foundation Alumni)

The result is a completely different take on a momentous year which saw the inauguration of Donald Trump as US President, a shock General Election result and many other big stories.

He said: “I have created well over 200 pieces myself, but have had contributions from Manchester School of Art students, fellow staff, alumni and industry-based creatives. Each daily piece is unique, unplanned and answers its own brief.

“I’ve seen examples of 365 creative projects before but I wanted Imaginative Press to be different –  a project that incorporated as many different creative styles and approaches as possible. The visual outcomes reflect this.

20170311 69 – Mysterious flashes could be alien spacecraft at work, Harvard scientists say - Telegraph, Benjamin Greenhalgh, MMU Lecturer & Designer

20170314 72 – The word flibbertigibbet popped up on The Archers out of the blue BBC Radio 4, Benjamin Greenhalgh and Carl Regan

20170405 94 – Fight Breaks Out at Givenchy Handbag Counter at Harrods Daily Mail, Dylan Woodall – Student, Foundation Alumni

20170407 96 – Hot air balloons attempt cross-channel record BBC, Benjamin Greenhalgh, MMU Lecturer & Designer

20170608 158 – Tories and Labour in final push for votes The Guardian, Benjamin Greenhalgh, MMU Lecturer & Designer

20170812 222 – Pipe sections up to half a kilometre long wash up on Norfolk coast The Guardian, Adam France, Graphic Designer

20171013 284 – Dover sole 'jumps' down angler's throat in Bournemouth BBC, Benjamin Greenhalgh, MMU Lecturer & Designer

20171115 318 – Australians vote to legalise same-sex marriage in historic move towards equality The Independent, Benjamin Greenhalgh, MMU Lecturer & Designer

20171210 343 – Hundreds of schools to shut on Monday as more travel disruption likely The Guardian, Dominika Wrøblewska, MMU Foundation and BA Illustration with Animation Alumni

Please click above for a gallery showcasting some of the creations

“2017 as a whole has been eventful – swamped with some horrendous news and negativity – I’ve tried to avoid this within most of my daily responses, but at times, it’s been too hard to ignore.

“My creative newspaper has however captured a whole range of interesting, relevant, serious, compelling, light-hearted, sad and shocking stories covering every topic, from politics to science, environmental to sport.

“The project has been a challenge, has taken a huge amount of willpower and dedication, but has been satisfying and worthwhile; resulting in a diverse, creative account of the years’ events.”

All of the images are available via the Imaginative Press website and Instagram