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10 October 2007

Research Seminar Programme - Autumn 2007

Unless otherwise stated:
Time: 1-2pm
Day: Thursday
Venue: Geoffrey Manton 201c

18th October

"Encouraging reflective learning and peer support: the role of blogging
in an undergraduate module"

Hazel Hall, (School of Computing, Napier University)

25 October (1-2.30pm)

‘Integrating"third-stream" activities: or, how academics can stay clean amid filthy

David Kilmartin and Alf Louvre, (IDEA, Manchester Metropolitan University)

15 November (venue: Manton 201b)

‘Current Issues in Library Policy at the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council’

John Dolan OBE (Head of Library Policy, MLA)

TUESDAY November 20
‘A journey into silence’: a textual analysis of the government’s ‘Harnessing Technology’ document – exploring the relationship between policy, pedagogy and the student experience’

Debbie Holley and Sandra Sinfield (Learning Development Unit, London Metropolitan University)