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Alumni Show - Legacy

I sintiaged Legacy in 2017. The aim of the exhibition series is to create a platform to showcase the evolution of Art & Design practice through the Schoolís Alumni and illuminate life beyond graduation.

The exhibition takes place in the Benzie Vertical Gallery on the Ground, First, Second and Third floors. The vision for the New Art School building is to allow visibility of all taught disciplines and allow a much more flexible and organic approach to interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration. Through this model a greater understanding and informed respect of other practice cultures has formed. Legacy aims to mirror this vision and celebrate our past studentís achievements.
As well as welcoming proposals from all disciplines to better represent the diverse range of practices that have emerged, we welcome proposals that are site specific and exploit the space.

Legacy has exhibited work of Alumni dating as far back as 1972.

Legacy 3 - Why don't you get a proper job?Legacy 3 - Why don't you get a proper job?
Legacy 2Legacy 2
Legacy 1Legacy 1