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Seamless knitwear and curriculum development

The development of seamless knitting technology presents textile/fashion education with new challenges.
How will knitwear design (specifically pattern cutting) change if there are no longer any seams?
How can the curriculum develop to promote understanding of and exposure to new technology?
Comparative Study of BSc Textiles & BA Fashion Students approaches to 3D Seamless Knitwear Design.
Collaborating with a teaching fellow in knitted textiles in the department of Textiles and Paper, School of Materials, University of Manchester a series of workshop-based problem solving events, took place in 2005 & 2006 involving Bsc and BA undergraduate students from the two institutions.
The students were given practical tasks to do relating to seamless knitting.
They were monitored, compared and evaluated with the aim of identifying approaches, methods and systems which may influence curriculum development and improve learning and teaching, that will promote understanding and creativity in relation to new knitting technology.

Seamless bags from collaborative projectSeamless bags from collaborative project