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1. Third Skin, Digital as Decorative (2011/12)

Third Skin captures imagery of our social, digital or urban neighborhoods and interiors and transfers them to fabric and dress design. Hence playing with Marshall McLuhan's idea of "clothing being an extension of skin, in the way that media are an extension of the body".

Photography, surveillance and online footage become the source for hand manufactured dresses as media narratives. They map the collective and shared - the digital and social environment - onto the personal: a one-off, precious silk garment as individual statement and choice.

This project explores through fabric print and dress pattern a collage of analogue digital relationships in everyday life by referring to social media networks as a "skin of digital culture". (Derek de Kerckhove, Investigating the New Electronic Reality, 1995). It further addresses the notions of skin in a media context in general as being an attribute in software, digital mapping or architecture, as a boundary and surface, metaphor and physical reality.

Third SkinThird Skin