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5. Unheimlich (2005), Telematic Theatre Performance between 2 continents

Telematic Theatre Performance in collaboration with Steve Dixon, Mathias Fuchs and Paul Sermon, networking actors and audiences between The University of Salford and Brown University Providence, Rhode Island USA. Premiered at the Performance Studies International Conference, March 31, 2005. Video conferencing and advanced electronic art called ‘blue screen’ created a simultaneous space in which the English and Americans literally ‘held hands’ across the ocean. The drama, entitled ‘Unheimlich’ (a Freudian term meaning familiar yet strange) used similar technology to that of weather forecasters to create theatrical backgrounds including cliff-hanging images and a traditional sitting room. Spanning a five-hour time zone, audiences at Brown University, Providence, where invited to step into the virtual world of two actors at the University of Salford and take part in improvisation. Once there, they where visually merged with the actors on screen in Salford and Rhode Island. They could talk to them and dance with them – as if they were in the same room.