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2. Paradise Mill - Fashion Collection

Paradise Mill - Inspired by Macclesfield

This solo exhibition was commissioned by the Silk Museum in Macclesfield and took place from the 19th of June to Saturday the 5th September 2015. It showed new work comprising of 3 bespoke dress designs and large-scale design prints of additional 10 garments of the same narrative. It further included a bespoke accessories range of 5 scarves and 5 ties, which were each on display as a physical artefact. The fabric patterns were designed from Zappís photography of Paradise Mill, a historic silk mill and heritage centre in Cheshire. Photographic compositions and visual detailing of displayed machinery, such as spinning and weaving methods and outputs, were digitally printed onto silk and manufactured into garments and accessories. The design process was further inspired by the historical fabric archives and samples available on site. The accessories collection has since been reproduced and retailed in the Museum shop as part of a parallel creative enterprise project.

The collection re-imagined the museumís archive for the 21st century, by juxtaposing historic textile production and machinery against the delicate silk of the contemporary dress styles, scarves and ties. It further fostered research into garment pattern design, by configuring it digitally to serve as a map for accurate placement print, fitting usage of photographic footage and later industrial manufacture. It also explored these attributes of cultural heritage in relation to creating modern consumer orientated fashion and yet still highlighting the site-specific research intention.

Showcased at
Silk Museum Macclesfield, June to September 2015
Saatchi Gallery, London Fashion Week, September 2015
Paris Fashion Week, Fashion Scout, October 2015
Bunka Gakuen University and Fashion College, Costume Gallery, Tokyo, February/March 2016