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Dr Ben Challis

Principal Lecturer
Music and Sound for Media

Academic and Professional Qualifications

PhD Computer Science
MSc Music Technology
Grad. Dip. Jazz & Contemporary Music

Previous Employment

Senior Lecturer in Music and Sound, University of South Wales, 2004 - 2013
Senior Lecturer in Music Technology, Leeds Metropolitan University, 2001 - 2004
Lecturer in Music Technology/Music, Leeds College of Music 1999, 2000
Research Associate, University of York, 2000
Musician/Music Tutor, 1989 - 1997

Research Expertise

Assistive Music Technology
Interactivity for Sound & Music
Digital Foley
Multisensory Environments for Rehabilitation and Special Needs
Game Audio, Accessibility and Serious Gaming

Membership of Professional Associations

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, 2013

Conference Organisation

Chair of Technical Programme Committee ArtsIT 2016 (Denmark)

Chair of Technical Programme Committee ArtsIT 2017 (Crete)

Expert Reviewer for Journals and Publishers

Guest editor for Special Edition of EAI Endorsed Transaction on Creative Technologies (current)


Research Investment Scheme (Uni of South Wales) - £9.8k - accessible music project

AHRC research funding bid in progress "Establishing Design Princples of Integrating Active Music Interaction in Multisensory Environments" Submitted Jan 2017, £500k

Projects and Initiatives

Music and Sound Design for “Creature Battle Lab” computer game (Dojo Arcade), with Will Ashton (2016)

Music for “Mr Magik’s House” (Bombastic Dance/Sean Tuan John) , with Rob Smith (2014)

Music for “Immune” proof of concept promotion for Wellcome Trust (Dojo Arcade), with Will Ashton (2014)

Music and Sound Design for “Soul Finity” computer game demo (Dojo Arcade), with Will Ashton (2013)

Music for “Happiness Repeats Itself” (Sean Tuan John), with Rob Smith (2013)

Music for “The Magic Doors” (Bombastic Dance/Sean Tuan John) , with Rob Smith (2013)

Music for “Lover’s Lane” (Richard Hand) Plymouth Zombie Performance Symposium (2013)

Music for “Trails” Wyn Mason, Screenworks Vol 4, with Rob Smith (2013)

Music for “Mr Magik” (Bombastic Dance /Sean Tuan John), with Rob Smith (2012)

Audio for “Attack Kumquat”, Little Old Lady Games (game now owned by West Coats Software), music - Challis & Smith, sound design – Challis (2010)

“Pulse” Improvised electronic piece with Rob Smith - Sonic Arts Wales, Cardiff (2010)

Music for “Antediluvian” (Sean Tuan John), with Rob Smith (2010)

Music for “Violet Strange: The Inseperables” (Diane Lake, dir. Richard Hand) (2010)

Entr’acts to “Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat” by Mark Ravenhill, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, with Rob Smith (2010)

Music and sound manipulation for “A Night at the Grand Guignol” (dir. Richard Hand) – Abertoir Film Festival 2009 (with Rob Smith)

Music and sound manipulation for “Dead by Dawn” (dir. Rob Dean) – stage adaptation of “The Evil Dead” – 2009 (with Rob Smith)

“Untitled” Improvised electronic piece with Rob Smith - Open Ear, Cardiff (2008)

Music for “The Terrifying Tale of Sweeney Todd” (dir. Richard Hand) (2008)

Sound and music for Screenability short film “Gorcs” (2008)

Music for short film “Crossing” (Wyn Mason and Ian Wiblin) (2007-2009)

Electronics and soundscapes for “Well I Never” installation in Pontypridd Town Centre (Inga Burrows) (2007)

Sound & music for short film “Combustion” (Wyn Mason) (2007)

Music for “Train of Terror” (dir. Richard Hand) broadcast on GTFM (2007)


A selection of recent research outputs.

Book Chapters

Challis, B., 2017. 'Interfaces for Music'. In Norman, K., Kirakowski, J. (eds.) The Wiley Handbook of Human Computer Interaction Set, pp. 579-598, Wiley-Blackwell.

Challis, BP., Carr, P., 2015. 'Quand l'impossible devient réel : typologie des boucles, impact de l'immédiat et de l'hypermédia sur la pop music'. In Belloi, L., Delville, M., Pirenne, C., Levaux, C. (eds.) Boucle et répétition, Musique, littérature, arts visuels, pp. 85-102, Presses universitaires de Liège.

Challis, B., 2014. 'Designing for Musical Play.'. In Brooks, AL., Brahnam, S., Jain, LC. (eds.) Technologies of Inclusive Well-Being, pp. 197-218, Springer.

Journal Articles

Challis, BP., Kang, A., Rimmer, R., Hildred, M., 2017. 'Enabling Active Interaction With Music And Sound In Multisensory Environments', EAI Endorsed Transactions on Creative Technologies (ArtsIT & DLI 16 Spec. Ed.), 4 (11), pp. 1-8.

Challis, B., Dean, R., 2014. 'Defining digital-Foley for live performance.', IJART, 7 (4), pp. 339-355.

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Conference Papers

Challis, BP., Hildred, M., Kang, A., Rimmer, R., 2016. 'Enhancing the Multisensory Environment with Adaptive Game Audio Techniques', 5th International Conference, ArtsIT 2016, and First International Conference, DLI 2016, Esbjerg, Denmark, 2/5/2016 - 3/5/2016, in Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering book series, 196 (Interactivity, Game Creation, Design, Learnin, pp. 154-161.

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Dean, R., Challis, B., 2013. 'Metropolis raised her voice', the 2013 Inputs-Outputs Conference, 26/6/2013 - 26/6/2013, in Proceedings of the 2013 Inputs-Outputs Conference on An Interdisciplinary Conference on Engagement in HCI and Performance - Inputs-Outputs '13.

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