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Professionalising Practice Project - P3

Professionalising Practice Project - P3

Do you want to make a living from your creative practice?

Do you want to experience what career options are reliable to you after graduation?

Do you want to learn practical skills like how to price your work/time correctly or how to approach a gallery to exhibit your work?

The Professional Practice Project will help you develop your employability skills while also giving you the opportunity to gain hands on experience through a variety of creative roles.

Through training and delivery, we will help you to embed professional practice skills within your studio practice to enrich your submissions and develop the skills you and on graduation.

Examples of what we cover throughout the projectó

Building confidence
Developing reflective practice
Working to commission
Going Freelance
Pricing and Selling work
Developing professional attitudes
Tax Bookkeeping
Becoming an Arts educator

Plus access to inspirational practitioners and peer support sessions.