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Kraft/Work is a Transition into Employment project for creative and business support aimed at ambitious and talented new graduates. We work with interesting, capable people who are committed to developing their career skills, translating their creative practice into income or developing their own employability.

We know that most new enterprises fail within their first 3 years, so Kraft/Work offers not just an opportunity to develop graduates' area of study after graduation, but provides the support, advice and opportunities to get your career off the ground.

Day One: is a motivational day of stories from successful graduate practitioners and alumni, illustrating how they transitioned from where you are now to where they are now.
Day Two: focuses on a variety of enterprise and business training and skills workshops to fast-track your employability.
Day Three: is about training and development to help you devise and present an ‘elevator pitch’.
Day Four: is celebration day! Network and celebrate your achievements.