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Dave Brodie

Senior Lecturer

Dave Brodie

I became a practicing Sculptor in 1982 having completed my formal education at the Slade School of Fine Art. Since that time my academic research activities have widened and have been related to the value attributed to objects and their "makers" by society as a whole. Findings dealing exclusively with craft practice have been delivered nationally through a range of Crafts Council conferences and internationally through collaborative work with colleagues in Finland. This international work prompted a number of European funding applications related to the Development of the Craft and Design Professions, which in turn encouraged me to examine how the creative process is managed and deployed. This work lead to the writing of a feasibility study concerned with Continual Vocational Education (CVE) in Community Arts and my ongoing project "Culture and Creativity". Funded by the Arts Council and the Woodland Trust, this research program initially explored ways by which charitable organisations such as the Woodland Trust, could ensure arts funded projects effectively address their organisations specific agenda as opposed to that of the arts in general. One practical outcome from this work was my employment as the designer and builder of a twelve meter pedestrian bridge (2005) sited at Longacre Wood, Dutton, Warrington. The bigger project continues and now centres on developing Trust employees understanding and application of arts practice. In May 2009 I became an Enterprise Curriculum Fellow. My project centred on how management practice, outside of the arts, could benefit from the support and guidance of creative practitioners. I’m currently (Aug 2013) contracted to develop a Commissioning and Mentoring scheme for a Cheshire based community interest group

Alongside teaching and academic research my output as a Designer / Maker continues to evolve. Having initially practiced as a sculpture exhibiting nationally, I became a partner in the design business Kathy Little. Established in 1990, this business initially supplied ceramic ware to retail outlets such as Heals and General Trading in London and Portico in New York. The business subsequently changed direction and produced bespoke furniture commissions selling directly to private clients through the pages of Elle Decoration and Homes and Gardens. This type of commission based work continues to represent a small percentage of my making output. During 2005 I established a photographic commissioning business. This commercial enterprise’s initial objective was to capitalise on my photographic abilities practiced for the past 20 years and apply them to the developing digital environment. This interest has involved into a research based project entitled ”The Photograph as Object” and has resulted in the making of a device producing 360 degree imagery and the use of “objects” as propos for short films. I’m currently (Aug 2013) working on a number of works that appropriate discarded and abandoned materials. Some of this work has been presented in the “Art School Allotment” project presented at the RHS Flower Show, Tatton Park – July 2013 and an event at The Whitworth Art Gallery,Manchester Aug 2013.

I continue to have an interest in the built environment through both my making and photographic activities. These interests impact heavily on my role as a lecture on the Art and Design Foundation course where I specialise in the delivery of 3D projects in the broadest possible sense be they sculptural, product or architecturally based.


"The Artist Eye" - Commissioning and Mentoring (2013)

“The Artist’s Eye” project's first commitment was to guide a Community Interest group around a proposed outdoor trail / site and highlight how “arts” practitioners responded to such environments. I'm contracted to develop and co-ordinate a “Commissioning and Mentoring” project for recent graduates. Details…

Adventure+Play=Discovery (2009)

The Adventure+Play=Discovery project aims to enhance the visitors experience of Woodhouse / Snidley Moor, Cheshire, through the installation of work produced by a group of arts practitioners. It is important to recognise that the objective is not to produce an "arts" trail. Details…

Enterprise Curriculum Fellow (2009)

Creative Interventions: Developing the portfolio career of creative practitioners. Summary. Details…

Spires and Steeples, Lincolnshire (2007 - ongoing)

Design and build four public seating areas along a 32 mile footpath linking The Hub at Sleaford and Lincoln Cathederal with members of the local community Rationale The Spires and Steeples project can best be described as a “state of mind” with the job of the creative practitioner being tutor and mentor as opposed to the perception of he / she being a consultant. This may seem semantic but it is important for members of the community to work towards a solution and not expect the consultant “ to know it all”. Details…

The Big Picture (2009)

The project’s general aim is to encourage the use of digital photography as a social communication tool amongst those associated with the Time-out group. The project’s specific aim is to exploit opportunities within the digital photography environment (DPE), including the services of online web based provision i. Details…


A selection of recent research outputs.


Brodie, D., 2021. Fools and Follie, Tatton Park, Cheshire.


Brodie, D., 2012. 'Big Wood Cairns', Way finders. Constructed from Derbyshire Sandstone and cast logo block, Big Wood - Norton Priory - Runcorn, Cheshire, Sept 2011.

Other Outputs

Brodie, D., 2021. 'StoryPost - mentor project'.

Brodie, D., 2009. 'Adventure+Play=Discovery', Public Art.

Brodie, D., 2009. 'Spire and Steeples', Commissioned public seating.